‘Zodiac’ Movie Recommendation for the 10 year anniversary of movie release


Looking for a great true crime movie to watch? Look no further. Zodiac is a must-watch if you like real life true crime cases. Zodiac was released 10 years ago today.

The movie is excellent, the cast is all-star including Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr, and the director is David Fincher who brought you Fight Club and Se7en. What’s not to like?

Based largely on the book by Robert Graysmith, Zodiac explores the obsession that a group of investigators,both professional and amateur, experience as they hunt for a mysterious killer; the infamous Zodiac Killer of California.

This is a longer movie well over 2 hours, but if you are into true crime it goes by quickly, and by the end you might think you know who the killer is but do you really? (Here’s a hint-the case is still unsolved) The movie was not largely successful at the box office, mainly in part to people expecting it would be a horror movie but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good movie-it’s a great one. If you have the chance,watch the Collector’s DVD version as there are some great documentary pieces and other extras on it.

This isn’t a slasher flick, it’s not blood and gore. The first half hour of the movie explores the crimes, and the remainder of the movie focuses on the hunt for the killer and the obsession to discover his identity. The obsession is something that many true crime junkies like myself have experienced.

I spent over a decade of my life heavily researching this case and writing about it. It’s an easy case to obsess over. Hopefully you can avoid the obsession and just spend a few hours watching a good movie about an unknown serial killer.


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