The Most Wanted Man in America the Delphi killer


This is an article related to an original piece that I published about the Delphi, Indiana murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams.

If you are reading this article now, there’s no doubt you know the sad story about Liberty German and Abigail Williams. Since they were murdered in mid February in Delphi,Indiana, the authorities have been hunting the man likely responsible for their murders.

This search has been like no other that I can remember. The blurry photo  taken of him captured from video on Liberty’s phone has been plastered across the internet, shared on social media, and placed on billboards across the country. Sadly, this unprecedented manhunt has led to no arrests. Even more frustrating, there’s a recording of this suspect’s voice that hasn’t helped (click the ‘play’ arrow below to here the suspect speak)

The suspect photo was grainy and it was hard to make out clear features or details, so an identification not being made from it is not surprising. What is surprising and a little more troubling, is that somebody hasn’t come forward to identify the voice of this suspect. Somebody knows this man’s voice and has heard him speak extensively whether it’s a family member, friend, or co-worker. The thinking is that investigators have much more audio than they have released so far and they may have to ultimately release more samples of this man’s voice in order for somebody to identify it. The three words we’ve heard him speak so far, “Down the hill” just does not look like it’s going to be enough. The problem is, God knows what else is mixed in with the other audio samples that police have. I don’t want to speculate about or think of the ghastly audio that may have been recorded on Liberty’s phone.

In the end, Liberty’s brave decision to take a photo of her killer and record his voice, may prove to be his undoing. What I am afraid of is that this case is going to go cold. The fact that there has been no identification of the suspect despite a massive media campaign and a $200,000+ reward being offered, leads me to believe that what investigators have given the public so far is just not enough to work with. Statistics say that the best chance to catch a killer and solve a murder case comes within the first 48 hours following the murders and we are coming up on 48 days.

I had hoped that I would be writing up a follow up piece to my original article about this case and that it would be naming the killer and describing who he was and how he was caught. Time is of the essence. Perhaps one of the thousands of tips given to police will prove to be the one that breaks the case. I hope that my next update is that one of these tips has paid off and an arrest made as opposed to an  update describing just how hopelessly cold the case has gone. In the meantime, we still have some grainy photos to share and the ‘down the hill’ audio to play. I encourage all of my readers, especially those in the Indiana area to please share this article on social media in an effort to continue to get this photo and audio out to as large an audience as possible. As always, I will update this case on a regular basis as details emerge and breaks in the case happen.

Update 7/18/17 Authorities have released a sketch of the perpetrator 



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  1. Very nicely written. This is one of the worst murder cases I have heard of in my lifetime. I live in Illinois & this case has not been mentioned on our news for at least a week. Those poor girls & their families. No one deserves this. I pray every day they find him!

    1. Hi Renee, thanks for posting. I agree, it’s sad and it’s also scary that this guy can evade what seems like an entire nation hunting him. I too pray that he’s caught, and I hope the Families get the justice they deserve, but nothing will bring back those poor girls

      1. Hello Mike,
        If we read between the lines (police, detectives, fbi in multiple juristictions, etc..) it becomes very transparent that there has been only moderate level concern for public safety. Now, yes, they (LE) do reiterate that a repeat of a crime like this can occur during the interim of actual apprehension. He is VERY MENTAL. And this doesn’t take a professional of the crime industry to KNOW THIS about Mr. Devil that resides among us. Trust the system. Trust Liberty’s help. A single slip of the wrong information (leaked) from LE would jeopardize this arrest. They are not only talking to THE INNOCENT when they are speaking. READ between the LINES. ‘CLOSE’.

  2. Has anyone tried to phonetically transcribed the mans sounds of speech to detect any accents that may be common to any particular area?

      1. I’m from the area too and I agree that he sounds like basically everyone else here in terms of accent.

        We from Indiana tend to have a certain accent I think, but those of us from this area are so used to it that we don’t hear an accent from our locals. I don’t hear a different accent beyond what I normal hear in this part of Indiana. nothing stands out about his to me, which tells me he is likely from this area.

    1. I’m from the area of Indiana where this happened. People aren’t hearing it, but he’s actually speaking four words in that clip: “Git down the hill”. He’s speaking with a local Midwestern accent, IMO. “down the hill” also have the local slant to them, as well.

      1. I agree with you, Amanda, but what I’m hearing is, “G’down the hill.”.
        Almost like in Australia they say, “G’day, Mate.”. It’s “guhdown” the hill with the guh being spoken very rapidly. Must my opinion.

      2. Very interesting. This is the first time I’ve read that he is speaking four words. Those poor angels! My heart breaks for them! So, if this man sounds like a local, why hasn’t anyone recognized him?

  3. Love the article.
    I just can’t believe that this man is so hard to find. There are so many cases that have been solved with far less evidence than this. It might be blurry and grainy but it’s still a good photograph. He didn’t appear out of thin air. He is somebody’s son, friend, relative, etc. I do agree that more audio may need to be released, because “down the hill” really isn’t a common phrase. At least not where I’m from.
    It’s tough. We were given a good amount of information to go off, seeing a photo of him on the day of the murders and hearing his voice. But it’s just not enough to be able to put two and two together….yet.

    1. Thanks for writing Kristen. It’s is so frustrating that this guy is like a ghost-slips in, murders these girls,and then slips out. Let’s hope the police have some good suspects still

      1. Sounds like a traveling trucker in and out quickly,no one even notices him.He comes back every so many weeks or months making deliverys or pick ups.His voice not as nasty as it is chilling,icy cold ,and very firm like don’t ask me twice because I have no patience for stupidity,or talking back and I don’t have warm feelings inside me,I am a monster but I want what I want.He doesn’t say these horrible words openly he thinks them.When he’s ready to act physically he just goes for it quickly.He blocks out all the screaming and crying,delivers the orders and he’s all done.He feels good now and maybe even takes a trophy from his nasty deeds so he always has memories of them at least until he makes new ones.He has no remorse,no empathy,and truly can’t understand why normal people do and he does know he is not normal he just doesn’t care.Our maniac is a serial killer and I’d be willing to swear on it.He will not be easy to catch but he will make mistakes again sooner or later and that’s when he will receive his Karma.We will get you!This is what I think of you every time I hear your voice.Libby and Abby will get their justice and the public needs to help them,never give up they need us.

        1. Thanks Deniz. Not the worst theory I’ve heard. Would a trucker know that area well enough to find them way out there?

          1. I really feel that this guy is local. Familiar with the trail and the surrounding area. I just don’t understand why nobody there recognizes him. He looks like an older man possibly 50’s that maybe walks short distances of the trail for health reasons? Just all seems off…

          2. I think the girls showed up to meet a “friend” from the internet and he ended up not being who he said he was

          3. I think if they compare truck drivers who deliver in Delphi as well as Iowa where the similar murder of the cousins they may find a match i would hope this has already been done prior in the investigation

          4. My brother is truck driver (team) that travels all over. Though working for a company they mostly unload at the same spots. When they unload, they are doing nothing, but waiting. Since they have time on their hand they usually ask a local where they can walk because they are so tired of sitting. Believe me my brother is the best, when he is home he is always doing for my mother that is 94. Would do the same for anyone. He is in his med 50’s and still hangs with high school friends. He gets along with everyone. If he is not with his kids when he is home, helping us then they come third. He has been with the same person driving for 18 yrs. Wow, how would you like to be with someone 24-7 for 30 days and comes home 5 to 7 days, back with them. Just thinking that he could of asked someone there months ago about this spot.

          5. My opinion is that the Unsub knew that area “like the back of his hand” as they say. He appears to be walking rather fast toward the girls. Only a local who knows that bridge VERY well would walk that bridge rapidly.
            I say he’s local.
            But I think this is one of the most amazing string of coincidences that I have ever heard of.
            The girls just happened to be out of school that afternoon and just happened to ask to be dropped off as close to the bridge as possible. They could have taken a walk anywhere. Their destination was the end of the trail.
            The killer just happened to be in that area that afternoon.
            Ron Logan just happened to violate his parole that day and be gone from before the abduction until the search was under way.
            The Mears just happened to be away that day also.
            Too much for me.
            I still think the same thing I thought when I first heard of this case on Februsry 14th – the girls had an appointment to meet someone st the southeast end of the trail at 2:30 PM that day. At 2:07 Libby took a photo straight down the bridge showing us there was no one waiting at the end to meet them. Then she turns facing northwest and takes a pic straight up the bridge showing us no one is there. That is not a pic of Abby. Libby would have asked Abby to look up and smile. (And while you’re at take a look at Abby’s body language -she is not a happy camper. Something is on her mind.)
            Libby may have been capturing the photo of the BG hiding behind that tree on the right side of the bridge. She may also have been aware she was taking a pic of the car down on the access road.
            I also think that just as soon as Libby realized that BG was NOT who they expected she bravely turned her recorder on.
            That’s enough for now. I have other theories.

        2. Right Deniz, All of us truckers wander away from our big rigs into the countryside looking for little girls walking on RR bridges………………you might want to stick to what you do, because investigating isn’t exactly your strong point. It will end up being someone local, and familiar with the area.

          1. Hi Douglas,

            There have been truck-driving serial killers, some of whom have been caught, and some of whom have not been (I’m a former long-haul driver, by the way). But you are right, this is someone local. The accent is completely local to that area (and I’ve heard lots of different American accents over my half-century of life on this continent).

          2. No need to be hostile man. We all are on here cause we want this guys caught and cause we feel for the little girls and their families. Everyone has opinions and the comments are a good place to voice them but not be hostile. Noone was ragging on truckers in general. In fact i myself personally have been saved by a random trucker more than once while broke down out deep on the side of the open highway and stranded so believe me truckers are some really good people but there are always bad apples in every bunch and if its someones opinion that it was a trucker thats ok. No need for any of us to be hostile towards one another. Lets just all pray they get this guy and spread the word and pic of suspect around to try and help.

          3. Douglas, I agree. I think when this killer is captured Delphi is going to be stunned as to who he is. Your minister? Your doctor. A teacher or coach? It’s possible you know and trust him so well that the two of you have laughed at his similarity to the killer.
            Every person you know should be a potential BG – even your father.

        3. Good heavens! Deniz, you took the words right out of my mouth!! I, too, do not believe that he is a local…being a trucker seems very logical to me. In and out…no one is the wiser….

        4. I agree 100% that he is a trucker and that Delphi is a regular pick-up/delivery location. He is in and out regularly.

      2. So very true. It’s eerie to think about honestly.
        I value your opinion and I believe you’re doing a great job voicing your concerns and thoughts. But I would like to get your input on the thoughts circulating regarding the photos of the suspect. Apparently in one of the photos there is something showing in the bottom of the photo on the left hand side.
        I’m not very familiar with how your comments work so I’m not sure if I am able to attach a photo. But it is in regards to the two photos released by LE, showing the suspect walking on the bridge. Some believe it to be the bottom of Abby’s sweater showing (assuming she was walking in front of him) and others say it’s just a tree. It is only visible in one of the photos. I looked at other photos of that same spot and didn’t see any type of tree or branch that is that particular shape or color. It is very strange nonetheless.
        Just wanted to hear your thoughts.

        1. I think it’s hard to speculate on what is or is not in the photo. It’s just not good quality. It may or may not be her sweater. So many people have tried to theorize what the guy looks like or doesn’t look like, age,etc and I just think it’s too grainy to accurately tell

        2. Abby is standing to Libby’s left and the edge of her open jacket is caught in that photo. Look at the full photo of Abby and please notice how the inside of her jacket looks.
          Just my humble opinion.

  4. Hi Renee, His hands in pocket shows he is lacking self confidence, has insecurities, and may lie a lot . I wish they would get help with this with a good psychic Detective.

    1. Thanks Brenda. You may be spot on with your analysis. When I first saw the pics, I thought he looked like a guy casually out for a walk,but looks can be deceiving.

    2. He seems quite bundled up for a sunny day nearly 10 degrees above normal (high in Lafayette that day was 45; normal is 37) – likely had something he didn’t want others to see. Also, his left hand looks like it is in his pants pocket, while his right hand looks to be inside his hoodie (?) pocket maybe holding something (right handed?). If the girls were dropped off at the park at 1pm on Monday (because of a snow-day built into the calendar) and reported missing at 5:30pm, he may have missed work that afternoon, worked a different shift or was unemployed. Praying this guy gets caught and brought to justice.

    3. They should go back to the beginning. Joe Kendra always goes back to the beginning of crimes also I agree that a physic should be hired to help police.

    4. See “The psychic Sleuth”.
      Her name is Rachelle Lapham.
      (Video is on you tube about
      an hour long). She is awesome
      with very interesting info.

  5. Has anyone noticed similarities between this man and then man from Tennessee that is currently missing with a 15 year old girl??

    1. Yes,some people have said that. I just think that photo is too grainy to see that clearly and the odds are against it

  6. It seems to me that this perso
    N is knowledgeable of this area – I wondered if having his hands in his pockets meant he was hiding a weapon. I can’t imagine why the girls would not have run unless he was they threatening them with a gun. I don’t think he’s from this area or he would have been arrested.

    1. I wondered the same thing Sue. If there was only one attacker and they both ran,one of them may have gotten away for sure. I think it says something about the girls how brave they were to stay there with each other. Very sad

      1. I know they posted to snapchat. I dont know much about it but have wondered if someone had been in touch with them posing as a teen from school and talked about meeting them there since they were off from school. I can’t imagine someone thinking they would hang out in such a secluded area to WAIT for someone to come along. And I have read that there is a cemetery in an area where there would be access to where the girls were found…that someone could have parked and been unnoticed. Someone had to know the area.

        1. Melanie, this is a popular theory and it may be the case. Liberty may have known something was wrong and started recording. Another possibility was that this guy was stalking their social media accounts and knew they were out in that area alone

        2. I have thought from the very beginning that it is someone they met online and were meeting him out there and they got caught and couldn’t get away. Hence taking a pic and getting some audio for someone to find. It’s so sad, they must have been so scared.

    2. We had a murder in our town on a Friday nt., the guy placed himself at the scene of the crime all except for about 2 hours, saying he told her he would come back & check up on her because she said she wasn’t feeling very well. He was at church on Sunday wearing sunglasses the whole time & he lived in town. His relative said he wasn’t the type; I said if we knew the type, we could pick them off the street. He & the woman were dating. She was strangled. He had a habit of putting his hands around your neck, making instant shivers & he was a very charismatic type of guy.

  7. I’m from the area and know it quite well. What bothers me the most is that no one heard screams or anything. The weather was awesome that day and many people were out and about. Many people fish on this creek and many people wander the woods in this area; historical enthusiast, nature lovers, etc.. There are a lot of homes in that area; even though it appears to “outsiders” that it is very remote. There are a lot of “Amish type” families that live in the area and they are almost always outside; especially in nice weather. So, to me, it seems like it has to be someone very familiar with the area (maybe someone that no longer lives in the area, or has family in the area and has spent a lot of time in the area). There aren’t places to park a vehicle (on a Monday) when businesses, mail carriers, farmers, and local traffic wouldn’t notice a vehicle that isn’t normally there (I suppose a canoe or raft wouldn’t have been noticed, water isn’t really deep enough for a boat to get too far along on that creek). Where the girls were found, there are actually 4 properties that somewhat “butt up” to the location, most of the land owners own 5-10+ acres). The creek also somewhat creates an echo because it is “down the hill” (on both sides). Also, I am familiar with both families and I guarantee you, one or both, fought like hell! One, in particular, wasn’t raised (or built) to be messed with. Whoever committed this horrific crime knew he had messed with a wildcat and he would, without question, have had marks to prove it…and sore muscles, bruises, and his own injuries. It just doesn’t make sense to me that no one heard anything, no one saw anything, and no one saw someone that looked like he had just tangled with a wildcat. Even if the man shaved, or stayed to himself for a few days, his “marks” were there and someone had to have noticed or asked him “What happened to you?”. Come on people….think hard! Someone knows who this guy is!

    1. Thanks Candace for chiming in and for giving us an idea of the layout & area. As you said, something may have changed with hi, soon after the murders. His looks,his habits,his attitude. Like the police said, don’t just explain it away, come forward with a tip!

    2. If she had the mindset tobtake pictures and record because she knew something wasnt right i would think she would be very aware to bite or scratch anything to get his DNA!I think the guy is from the surrounding area like battle ground or lafayette and is also a regular at a small coffee/breakfast diner. He also is a regular at a local bar (just a small established bar where the same people hang out 3 to 4 times a week) he most likely sets over to the side an keeps his head down, kind of a loner. JMO

  8. Discussed this with some Hoosier tourists here in TN last night. They were as sickened by it as I am. The thought both of us expressed is Libby knew they were in danger by taking a picture and recording. We both agreed she would be saying “dang, guys…come on! I gave you his picture and voice! Catch him!”

    1. Hi Tennessee,

      No doubt, Libby was brave and sensed something was wrong. She was brave and I think she’s a hero,both of them are for staying there with each other when one could have run off leaving the other. I hope it’s Libby’s phone that does this guy in. What kind of twisted f@&k could do something like this to two young girls and live with himself? I almost wish this guy would take the coward’s way out and put a bullet in his own head, but that would be too easy. I want to see him rot in prison for a while counting down the days until he gets that needle in his arm.

      1. I wonder if the police have checked for suicide in the mortuaries , His conscience may have gotten the best of him…..or he didn’t want to go to jail…I just keep praying for him to get caught

  9. We have a hog plant very close to the area. He could drive truck with supplies to the plant from time to time. This guy is smart, well organized, and appears experienced. I am confident he has scoped this area out and made his plan. His voice sounds confident and sure he is in control. He most likely walked in from a distance so no one would see his vehicle. He has killed before no doubt. He also could work from home. Lots of people do now days. He most likely has little interaction with people in person. He is not a homeless person. He is well groomed and dressed. He looks to be early 40’s maybe mid 40’s. With 80’s hair in the one picture you can see that without his hat up.

      1. Mike, if you look at the photo without the hood, you can see the crown of his head is shining in the sun. It is loosely partied in the middle. It looks like he has bangs on his forehead. His hair looks to be a light sandy brown. He kinda looks like he has some facial hair as well. Just my observation. I could be mistaken, but it seems pretty clear to me. Thanks for your response.

  10. Oh, I meant to mention. I’m not sure if you are aware of this but the still photos are from a video that she took. So they have an actual video of the this awful crime. I think they have more audio than video from the crime. She must have turned her phone on and hide it from him. So very sad. Also, love your site.

    1. Gail, you’re right. She may have put the phone in her pocket at some point and stopped recording video,only audio. One thing’s for sure, they have more than they have released

  11. This is eerily similar to the case in Evansdale Iowa where two girls were abducted and murdered. They were later found in a wooded area that only a local would be familiar with. That case had never been solved. I can’t help but think they are somehow related. A trucker who drives the same route and knows these areas. Slips in and out but also may have time to scope these places out. RIP little angels

  12. The video was from a surveillance camera not from Liberty’s phone. Her phone had the man speaking. This might not really make a difference but needs to be written correctly.

      1. Mike, you are absolutely correct. I know this from my source who is close with the family. I was also told by another first hand source that there was a trail cam in a tree, probably from a hunter, but I don’t think it recorded anything. Maybe because it was not hunting season. They might not have had it active. It was reported to the police that it was there though. Just so you know, I would not report information to this sight, that was not sure of the accuracy.

  13. Wonder if they were able to recover DNA from under the girls’ fingernails?
    Any computer evidence that they posted on social media that they were going to walk on the trail?
    Any more pictures or videos on the phone? Did Abby have a phone? Any of the killer’s fingerprints found on anything at the scene?

  14. He may have used one of the buildings on Ron Logan’s property to bring the girls & maybe that is reason for search warrant, a little too late though. This person seemed familiar with the surroundings. I am thinking he might be a local that possibly lured the girls on social media pretending to be someone else. Relative or acquaintance of Ron Logan that knew the property? Pray this monster is caught very soon.

  15. Look for the coat, men have certain coats they wear on regular basis and do not change that much, especially older men. So, locally if they search for a man in this kind of coat it may help.

  16. I have contacted the police by phone and email about the voice on the phone unfortunately no one has either taken me serious or is overwhelmed with other tips. I pray they catch this monster.

    1. Hang in there Sheryl, send a follow up just in case. They undoubtedly are loaded with tips. I emailed them about a potential suspect too without a response, but I think they are considering every lead they get

  17. My wife and I have been praying for information telling us they have caught the low life who did this terrible unspeakable crime. With all the publicity it has garnered nation wide, the tips coming in and the reward, I would think someone knows him and might be protecting and hiding him. We pray every night from our home in Lansing that he can be brought to Justice. God bless the families of both these two beautiful girls. Children are so precious and never Ned’s this kind of treatment.

  18. It’s too bad they couldn’t release a short partial video of him walking. Because it looks like to me the pictures I’ve seen are different shots of him walking, not the same picture because his feet are in different positions. Anyway it might help tremendously to see the gait of this person. Someone might be able to recognize him more easily.

    1. I agree, seeing him in motion, his body language,etc may help. Then again, maybe the video wasn’t in focus,and wouldn’t help much. On smart phones for the most part,you can only zoom in so much with video

  19. I’m originally from Indiana but now live in Oklahoma not far from where 2 of our Oklahoma girls of similar age were murdered. It took a long time to catch the murderer but justice was finally done. Sad thing was he was given life instead of death. Your killer will be caught as well and I just hope you guys serve him the death penalty when caught

  20. No idea why the guy who owns the property wasn’t arrested yet. Someone had a photo of him I saw online and it’s nearly identical to the photo the girl took with her phone.

    1. I don’t know how anybody can say for sure that the pic looks like him, it’s way too pixelated. If they had anything on the owner, he would have already been arrested

    2. Goodness, you must be a genius! Except… There was DNA and the “guy who owns the property” (Logan) isn’t a DNA match. Drat! They would have had a case if it hadn’t been for that pesky scientific evidence!

  21. I know from watching shows on tv about real crime cases is that it takes a lot longer in real life than what they show in tv. I have no idea, but im guessing they have hundreds if not thousands of people calling in with an id for this guy. Each call has to be checked out which takes manpower and hours. Then they have to do whatever is necessary to make an arrest. They cant arrest every single person that comes up from callers. They need to find him and keep an eye on him and make a determination if its the right person before they can make an arrest. All which takes manpower and hours. Even without a good pic of his face, I would be very surprised if no one makes a positive id of this guy. I just hope it happens before someone else faces this monster like those 2 girls did. Im glad they had each other during that horrific time. Im sure they are working as hard from Heaven to help catch this guy, as they did on that terrible day. Im glad they had that phone. Those brave girls. I just hope the someone that knows who he is has come forward. Cuz somebody definitely knows who he is. Clear face or not.

  22. So it wasn’t the land owner? They had a picture of him walking and it looked just like him. Same build, weight, width, everything! I think their looking to hard when They need to look into him

    1. I have a hard time thinking a 77 year old man could pull this off. I personally don’t think the guy in the pic looks 77, either way,they have checked this guy out well

      1. That’s the first comment anywhere I’ve seen that he doesn’t look 77. I had more wrinkles at 50; I see none on him to speak of.

  23. I know they are looking through the guys house on which the girls were found on his property. As I’ve listened to his voice in the first interview with the news castor lady, his voice just seemed to sound so much like the audio on the phone. I’m not saying he is guilty but as an outsider watching the way he walked and talked just made me think and for someone to take a good look at.

  24. My hunch is this crime was committed by a property owner in the area of the trail. Maybe he has had issues with trespassers and became vigilant or paranoid about keeping people away from his property. The crime also happened on a weekday — perhaps this person is retired or is not working a 9-to-5 job.

  25. I did an experiment last weekend and used a cellphone to photograph a person standing about 80 feet away. The person was dressed somewhat similarly to the bridge-guy photo, and he was looking down as he walked. What I found interesting was that when I asked two friends about the pic, they were reasonably close on height and weight but way off when it came to actual age.

  26. I only live a few miles from Delphi and my granddaughter was friends with the girls so it has hit home. I want this man caught. People are on edge, not just children but adults as well. We need the help of everyone everywhere to catch this person. I don’t feel safe even in my own yard. Always looking at my surroundings. I even find myself looking at every person in the face and listening carefully at there voice because we don’t know who this person is
    Please keep the story alive till this person is caught.

    1. Lisa, so sorry that your granddaughter is directly touched by this. I can only imagine how many people like yourself are on edge. Be sure to share this article on social media, we will keep it in people’s minds

  27. I know a lot of people have mentioned a truck driver that comes in and leaves after work is done. Has anyone thought about a person that actually lives in Delphi and travels for work for long periods of time? To where they happened to be “home” at the time of the murders and then left for work. It can be easy to forget about the guy down the way when he is never around. Also the injuries would have time to heal before he came home again… if he has even been scheduled back in the area.

    1. DPHA and DNR workers. Cemetery preservation, historic trails, etc. Would know the area and they have some um interesting workers there….

  28. I’m in arkansas and this is the first I have heard of this case. We don’t have cable or facebook but I saw it on twitter. I pray for justice and will help spread the word in our little town.

  29. I am wondering if LE does voice analysis on the people they talk to while processing through the tips they have received. Handwriting is analyzed when notes or letters are involved.

  30. Please explain why my comment was deleted. I wanted to know if LE is submitting the people they interview to voice analysis regarding the Delphi case.
    I know handwriting samples are taken where applicable. I pray that Abby, Libby, and their families will soon get the justice they deserve.

  31. I’m wondering about Mr. Logan’s alibi about going to a store the same day this crime occurred. Maybe his alibi is legit, but I keep thinking about how the perpetrator of this double homicide would need to go somewhere to dispose of evidence. A poster on websleuths also pointed out that Mr. Logan would have to be in pretty good physical condition to keep and maintain horses on his property.

  32. Wisconsin here and have been following this case from day 1. Two thoughts. This case needs to be played on maybe John Walsh or nation wide news channels. I see nothing on tv. The other thing is they need to release more recordings from Liberty’s phone. I understand they can’t release gruesome details of what was on the recording but there needs to be more put out there. I also feel authorities are against psychics (most) but what does it hurt to get someone on this. If it was my child I would get one myself.

  33. I agree with Lisa. The public needs more information, and national coverage from John Walsh’s America’s Most Wanted has resulted in numerous criminals being captured. However, LE may be waiting for the results of analysis of evidence collected from tbe crime scene to clear or incriminate someone. That could be taking some time. LE may have an idea of who commited the crime, but need the evidence to bring charges that will result in a conviction.

    1. Perhaps if the police release a short video of him walking as well as more voice data, somebody might recognize him. We all have distinct voices and walks. Just a thought.

  34. With so many tips for the LE’s to follow, just wondering if they looked at family members friends that knew the sister was dropping the girls off for a hike that day. My thinking is that someone knew they were going to be there that day. I do not know all of my sisters friends or what they look like. With facebook, you friend people that you do not even know. I do think that someone knew they were going to be there that day.

    1. You’re right Jeannie, the girls could have been stalked by somebody they knew, or by a stranger online following their social media. It’s scary. Thanks for reading and commenting

  35. Hi Mike. Have you seen the full facial picture of BG yet? There is a bluish, squared photo of him that is pretty scary looking. Someone sent it to a woman on one of the FB sites dedicated to this crime. I saw your posting asking if anyone has pictures to please send. Well, here’s the deal. That picture has circulated all this time so I guess there’s no harm intelling what is in it. I got complete ridicule when I posted and I mean harsh ridicule so I often don’t mention it. Now if you just blow that square up some you won’t get the entire picture .BTW, it is supposed to be one sent from a family member to the site. The picture has to be blown full size I guess to see everything. I sent it to my sister in NC and she saw the stuff right away. First off, BG has a puppy under his jacket collar (on the bridge) you can see the puppy barely poking out. Secondly, in the squarish pic that needs full blown BG has the puppy up next to his eye with his bony fingers swept across his face. He might have a gun, a hypo needle ciggarette or whatever within his fingers tips. Next you see that he is in aroom one with double hung windows (you can see blue sky poking through) and dull brown panelling. It looks to me like an old churhc basement (I’ve been in so many of those my life) butcan’t be sure. I sent all of this info into FBI, Indy LE and Indy ST Police. I don’t know how to send it here. My son sent the info in for me as I am not computer savvy. I will post it here if someone shows me how, if not then try and get it from one of the blogs. I can’t remember which blog has it. I think it might be the psychic empaths group on FB

    1. Thanks,I’d like to see it. If you look on the right side of the page close to the top of the main page, there’s a ‘contact’ form. You can put your info in there and send it to me. Once I get your message, I will email you back and then you can send the pic to me. Thanks for posting

  36. Hi, new here. I wanted to say a theory I’ve been leaning toward is that yes, he is a truck driver. Although I believe he is long gone, he frequents the area through his job. I think he has completely changed his look – hair, attire, maybe wears glasses now – but, that, to me, would make him stand out to those who know him. Also, his voice is husky from smoking. I think he has little to no interpersonal skills and lives alone. However, he’s rarely home. He could be married, but she either lives under a rock or is in denial of him being involved. Also, it may boil down to her need for financial support, which could prevent her from coming forward. I realize that LE has their reasons for only releasing the three words, but it makes it nearly impossible to identify him. I think these were the first words he spoke to the girls and what immediately followed was very disturbing. Since it is virtually impossible to identify this man by sight, I believe the case has already gone cold.

    1. As far as your theory about the killer being married to a woman who won’t come forward due to a need for financial support from the killer, please consider this one fact.

      The reward money is over $200,000.

      1. Good point. Maybe it’s because he is the father of her children,etc and she doesn’t want to come forward. Or maybe, this loser can’t get a wife.

        1. I’d be shocked if the offender is married.

          I picture an asocial loner who doesn’t relate well enough to adult females to be successfully married.

      2. Good point! I’d say he wasn’t married, anyway, but if Ottis Toole and his BFF Henry Lucas could get married, anyone could.

  37. Please keep us up to date on what is happening with this case. I just cannot get those poor girls out of my mind. In the picture of Bridge Guy I think I see a leather carpentry belt hanging under his jacket on his right side. So, he could’ve been working in the area. Also, since Liberty took the photos from mid bridge and no one is visable, I think he passed them on the bridge going the other way…. He knew there was no one on the side of the bridge he just came from, so he turned amid broke into a run.
    I think I hear him say, ” Go down the hill…” But the “Go” is partially cut off. He’s giving orders so it makes me think here pulled a weapon on the girls, which must have been very traumatic for them. Or he had a gun to one girl’s head and threatened the other that he’d blow her brains out.

    I’m confident the Police have more video and audio – but they have to weigh releasing it to what effect that may have on the families right now.
    At first, they didn’t tell us that the photo of Bridge Guy was from Liberty’s camera. Maybe, with time, we will learn more.

    Like I said, I think about this case too much. I have to think that they have evidence on Bridge Guy and that someone out there recognizes the voice and photo. Liberty was brave and smart enough to give us clues; I hope we don’t let those girls down.

    Please, keep on updating these murders!

    1. Caroline, thanks for reading and commenting. This case has been so loud and then gone so quiet,it’s very disheartening. Let’s hope that more info & clues are released

  38. Hi Mike, I am a forensics / csi student up in Canada and although Abby & Libby’s murders have not made headlines up here, the case caught my attention.
    I’m merely days away from completing my program as a final in criminal profiling class (worth 50% of our mark!) we were to profile a criminal and while everyone else was profiling known / solved cases I profiled the bridge guy.
    I allowed the Admins in one of the closed Facebook group to post my paper. Please have a read and if you’re interested or think that it could help please feel free to post here. I only ask that I be credited and there be a disclaimer that I am not a professional nor did I have critical insider info to compile a proper profile.

    1. Thanks Meghan, I will shoot over there and look for it. I look forward to reading it and appreciate your offer to post it here

      1. You’re welcome! My aim in sharing my paper is that perhaps there may be folks out there that recognize the voice and perhaps the guy too looks like someone they know but “would never ever do such a thing”…maybe if they read my paper and this guy even loosely fits into the profile , I hope it may make them seriously rethink making that call! I just want justice for those girls 🙁

        1. Meghan,I would like to share your paper,but I have one concern. What is the source for your info about how the girls were killed? I heard the same thing from somebody else who has no credibility. Also,not sure how investigators in this case would feel about the info being leaked and shared,however, if there’s a source already out there from the family talking about it,etc, it might be okay. So a source would be helpful,thanks

          1. I’ve read a great amount on this case as well & keep developing more questions into the prognostics of the stalking & butchering of two normal female platonic united nature lovers.
            1. When I look without judgement on the headgear this BG is wearing I can almost see the vestiges of a native american type of hunting helmet made from an actual deer’s head. The dark point of the nose, & an small dark eye on the right side
            upper appear to forge a presence of animal ritualesque component. On the other pic however it looks as common as a hooded monk or beret donned soldieresque component. It’s like seeing the forest through the trees but never fixing the loose ends to it? There is much distraction around his seemingly muffled mantle. Does he have a ponytail whipping around his left shoulder, or is that perhaps a backpack frame, or a similar to law enforcement radio attachment?
            2. Someone in previous posts questioned the obscure flap on left edge of captured frame of BG pic. I’ve read of another possible interest as well of a dark clothed person seen in the park around the time of the victim’s meandering in the woods together. I think this dark clothed person was even said hello to by the young witness out with her mom hiking the trails. The witness reportedly took note of this incident due to the complete lack of response by the dark clothed hiker, thinking it odd. I only saw this peice of info of the curt encounter with a stranger in the vicinity that day on one site thus far. The word, believed ‘participated’ in the murder’s, is used in reference to BG suspect by police thus provoking some to believe more than one assailant was involved with the double homicide.
            3. BG is obviously face askance or somewhat down shifted leading some to believe he’s looking down on the world of his potential victim’s or under some type of
            forlorned m.o. somehow staring freakishly direct with the picture’s leveler at the same moment. As though BG is cognizant of his own form being profiled for exploitative review in the coming sequence of events. I too wonder if this is just a natural head tilt of someone who’s grown accustomed to wearing bifocals or was the sun just that domineering that hour?
            4. If the BG is a bridge guy, what bridge is he on for sure?
            In other words how many bridges did Abi & Libby venture over those few hours in the park? Do they all have similar visual characteristics?
            Has he always been that light on his feet with a proposed abductors/torturing ensemble enclosed within his brusque overcoat? Does he have a manifesto out yet to distinguish himself apart from simply ‘BG’ or ‘Unsub’. What’s his real calling card when the law diligently pursues the forensics?

  39. I would recommend listening to the Psychic sleuth, Rachelle Lapham, on youtube. I know there’s a whole world of nonbelievers out there, but her “connection” has really unearthed very fascinating info and its just refreshing to hear things we may have never even thought of. She says it was a social media ruse and this man was not alone. Also, the murders were ritualistic. The girls were taken away from the woods and brought back to be discarded. There’s much more she speaks about, she talks for over an hour. It really is pretty compelling.

  40. I believe its an authority figure or flashed a badge..thats how he got them both without disturbance.i also believe BG has a hammer on right side..his hand covering top and handle running down his leg…what i cant understand is …LE have much more audio and video…and technology than the public…so they heard and seen alot more of the killer(s)..and what happened. But want our help or tell us they dont know what happened or who did it….I AINT BUYIN IT….its afdiliated with le..past or present…and think someone close to family or in family is involved…just imo

  41. I didn’t read all the comments but I’m inclined to believe he’s a serial killer, drives a semi but is originally from that area. I’m curious if there is a similar company that would have him delivering or picking up loads in the Evansdale, Iowa area. It seems like those cases could easily be connected. And are there cases of other bodies found, in the woods, but possibly only a single victim? I doubt this was his first.

    1. My thinking wax the same until one day a thought occurred to me.
      They have released his photo.
      They have released a recording of his voice.
      There is a $250,000.00 reward.
      They scaled back the investigative team.
      What is the one reason that would make sense of these 4 things???

      1. hi jim-I believe that LE has an 85% certainty of who committed the crime. By stating that they are (at this point) eliminating ppl I believe to mean that they must check out every single lead as a RULE. Due to the reward being so hefty ppl from all over the world are even ‘making up stuff’ in hopes to ‘guess’ something that would entitle them to the cash. & b/c of that they are swamped with dead-end leads that are just taking up valuable time. Now, to scale back can only mean 2 things; they aren’t getting anywhere and finances are not supportive of so many LE officials OR they are at the point of narrowing down the evidence and suspects in preparation for the apprehension. If you have ever watched a murder mystery on tv that ends with the killer being released b/c of a forgotten crossed ‘T’ or dotted ‘I’, then you can imagine the work that needs to go into an official (w/o an ounce of doubt!) arrest. To jump the gun would be very bad.
        My guess…anyway

    2. hi Kathy, you are right! but if you listen to the 1st Sargent on this case he says, “Arresting him/them is not the hard part. Proving our case without a doubt IS”. Maybe they have found way more than the actual killers closet of jersey’s. Every jersey he has ever owned, borrowed, gifted or found himself while watching Tom Brady. I’m just saying. They (LE), I don’t believe are trying to FIND him on the map.
      Just saying….

    1. yes, he is. and in the most ‘creepiest voice ever!’ rumor has it that he might be instructing another ‘killer’ instead of the girls. either way, what a psyco!! domestic violence SUPPORTERS SAY, I quote ‘HEAR MY VOICE!’ (presuming he probably has hurt anyone close to him and may have killed or tried to kill them) The world can now ‘HEAR HIS VOICE’ and it’s a voice that (hopefully) got him CAUGHT. KARMA. KARMA.

    2. Agreed!!!! I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who heard that. “Get down the hill”. As if he knew the area.

  42. In the first week or so of this case, I thought I remembered reading that someone else was to go hiking with the 2 girls, but backed out at the last minute. I thought I also read the person was Abby’s boyfriend.
    Have LE checked his alibi for that day?

  43. I’m from Northwest Indiana, not from area, but visited there a few weeks ago. It was very difficult for us to find the path and bridge after given directions from a couple of people in town, so I believe BG must have know this area. I noticed there is a grainy close to path. Has all people working there been checked out? Maybe someone saw girls being dropped off.

  44. A horrible tragedy has occurred. There is more people involved. The number is only known by law enforcement. The reason for the lack of information to the public is due to the fact that they do not need our assistance any further. And the fact that they want to preserve any and all they have collected to keep him behind bars forever. They are being very careful and meticulous for a reason. A very, very good reason. They know him. They have followed him for years. He’s sneaky and considers himself WAY smarter than any detective or LE official. They are ON TO HIS GAME. The most frightening part is that he does not always work alone. And if that is not scary enough, he is at the bottom of the fish tank. A small fish in a big pond. Exercising extreme caution is how the police are proceeding and MUST. Hopefully, it is comforting to know that HE IS THE ONE dead in the WATER NOW….
    P.S. We want so badly for him to have remorse. Feelings of regret. Lost sleep. But he never will.

    1. correction folks-There ‘are’ more ppl involved in this crime. This, I feel, is a sick person who will without a second thought (& coast is clear of camera’s, intel, cops, witnesses, etc) will KILL just for the joy of it. He is such a weak person that he craves a need to take an innocent life. Maybe they were mean to him one day at work. Or maybe they were smoking a cigarette and he HATED that his mother was a smoker. Or he was rejected by the cheerleaders and pretty girls all his life and hates that they receive attention because of their outgoing personalities and beauty. Fits mold I’d say. All I know is that he is very mental, crazy (probably smart) and our world will be better off when he is apprehended. This is just a gut feeling. I’ve never been wrong….ONCE:)

  45. I have seen this question time and time again. ‘why? why didn’t they just RUN!?’ Well we know Libby was NO DUMMY! RIGHT? The only single reason these girls didn’t take off running is b/c they couldn’t. Like in baseball when you are ‘pickled in’. How scary a thought that she risked taking photos when another psycho was behind her. Brave, brave child! Could this be a combination of an out of town creep and a local creep working together? yes. Motive? probably not just rape b/c why all this traveling and planning? He is NOT a truck driver although I can see where that would seem an undeniable scenario. All for now….

    1. we don’t really know for sure why she and abigail didn’t run. My feeling is: the BG may have said something to them, seen them before on the trail-passed by them and then re-appeared on the bridge-and yelled something to them-maybe about the fact the bridge was dangerous and they should’n’t be on it-sounding official. This would’ve caught the girls off guard..and hesitated, reason why he got up to them and asked them to go down the hill, instead of walking back on the bridge-to be picked up by Derrick around 3:30pm. Derrick was calling Libby by 3:10pm and no answer.
      Or, Libby shot the video-becasue he had passed them, nodded, and suddenly he’s coming back-he may have even said their name. The trip to the bridge was a last minute decision(or so we think), maybe it wasn’t-and Libby thought she was meeting “a friend’ she met on FB-a fake person…though it turns out.
      In the end-SOMETHING threw the girls off-guard, long enough to stand and wait for BG to get up to them..without running, or calling for help., even though she took the photo-they obviously could’ve-especially given the BG was older and having to watch every step he took.
      For some reason-even though Libby took the video-she wasn’t alarmed enough to leave before he got up to them-and they easily could’ve of-

  46. Why doesn’t LE release some video of BG walking? It’s said the picture was taken from a video. The way it is now…he looks and sounds like so many other men in that area. Seeing his walk might trigger a recognition from someone though. A small snippet could be released without ruining investigation.

    1. I agree 110% and have been saying this for months. Seeing his body language and walk might cause somebody to recognize him

  47. I really respect this website. It is a very respectful outreach of many concerned ppl who really want justice beyond any other thought. Everyone striving toward same goal. Negativity is minimal. Would the girls want folks arguing about feelings and speculations? No. This tragedy is just that, a true tragedy. Now, I believe the sketch is that of the main suspect who initiated this crime. & if he hadn’t the girls would still be here. Furthermore, this is NOT his first murder plan. He prides himself on it’s leadership role. He partied hard on the 4th of July. He is not celebrating so much now.

    1. Thanks so much Lori for those kind words. I launched this blog a day or so after the girls were murdered, and I had a feeling that this was going to be a special case, one that would be different and would outrage a lot of people. I was moved to write my article ‘Twisted Tracks’ about Abby & Libby not knowing that it would be unsolved months later. This case has generated more comments on my blog then every other article I’ve posted….combined, comments in the hundreds. That proves just how much people care about these 2 little girls and how outraged people are, and they continue to keep this case in their hearts. I hope one day I can do a follow up article discussing the arrest of the monster that was responsible for these murders

      1. your welcome Mike. I was going through my daily routine one morning and making my bed with the t.v. on to catch the days weather. I saw the 1st article with the sweet girls photo. I thought, “wow. that guy didn’t know there were camera’s in the trees! I was shocked that a small town (in the middle of the land and cornfields) would have such a tragedy! In an alley in Chicago? Different story. It was several weeks after this that I felt an undeniable connection to these souls. Let’s just end on the note that THESE mental monsters picked the wrong day and the wrong little women to mess with!! “Oh, my bad” WILL NOT CUT IT THIS TIME! I’ve BEEN A COP DOG on this scent for awhile…..rOSEs are ReD…..

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