Update on the Delphi murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams


A quick update on the Delphi murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams.

Sadly, there is not much of an update other than to say that the case is essentially cold. I was pretty excited that there was such an all out public effort nationwide to catch this killer and with audio & video evidence of who killed them, I thought Abby’s and Libby’s murders may have been solved by now but that has not happened.

I’ve been saying for weeks now that more photos, video, or audio is needed here. Something that shows the body language of this suspect or more of his voice may be the missing piece of the puzzle but police don’t seem to want to do this, and I hope it’s not at the peril of this case being solved. My fear is that 5 years or 10 years from now, they decide to release something that they have kept close to the vest but by then the case is forgotten, and potential witnesses and suspects move away,die, etc

Libby’s and Abby’s murders have been by far the most popular articles on my blog, and I intend to keep updating their case. My original article Twisted Tracks; The Murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams and the follow up article, The Most Wanted Man in America have generated lots of comments and theories and I hope that will continue.

One positive update is that there is finally a podcast about this case that has been put out by True Crime Garage and I encourage anybody reading this to give it a listen. They have an excellent podcast and I am sure that they will give this case the attention it deserves, I am listening to it today.

I ask that you keep this case in the spotlight by sharing via social media and if you have any tips or information, please contact the Indiana State Police.

Update 7/18/17 Authorities have released a sketch of the perpetrator 


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  1. I wish get him or them very soon Libby is cousin to us I just get them for Libby and Abby now so people in Delphi can feel saver and I’m praying to God every day I know cop are hard on this they will get him them just keep family in your prayers

    1. I pray that he is caught soon but heard Abby lived @ mile from bridge n was at that site ftrquently. Could someone have stalked her n followed that day?? Also has her BF family been ruled out??

  2. Somebody knows something! They need to speak up! I am from Indiana and I look at every male (that has that build, wears jeans like those in the photo along w/ the black shoes), with a lot of skepticism! It would make my year to turn on the news and find that this monster is caught, and will be brought to justice!

    1. They probably already have …it’s up to the police to do something about it…I think they should release more audio and video so that people can see this person’s body language and hear his voice even more so

  3. Jeez Libby gave them his picture along w his voice WTF is taking LE so long t catch this bastard! Put fresh eyes on case as chances r theyve interviewed him!!

    1. After examining these photos, I would be willing to state there are multiple suspects. I would not be surprised if this case is larger than Delphi.

  4. This George Brinkman just picked up for 2 sets of murder in Ohio has no paunch (belly) but his pics surfacing on internet already have visual intrigue. For instance the black shirt in a boat, did he have enough boating expertise to navigate the Wabash River for long distances to avoid capture (if) he were a suspect also in the Delphi double homicide? The viking helmet/sunglasses with ear flaps pic, do these 2 states (IN & OH) just wear ear flaps regularly? The victims that he is being investigated for (in North Royalton, OH) were posed ‘tucked in’ with their mother in bed apparently, according to news source. Apparently Delphi, IN daughters were also posed with tree leaves & left out to die of their wounds. This guy (G.B.) was negotiated with for hours with police before they could apprehend him Tues. 6-12-17.

      1. Attn: Mike M. I just posted the last 2 post’s on above thread at about 6:55 p.m.
        P.S.T. (California time) today Tuesday June 13, 2017.
        WHY does it say I posted them tomorrow June 14th, 1:49 a.m.?

  5. I am sure this man has a wife, kids or siblings who know that he did this. Hopefully they will listen to their conscience soon.

    1. Jennifer M., Agreed. It’s disheartening to read some statements by family members after a suspect is apprehended. Often they’ll same something along the lines of “it wouldn’t bring the victim back” or “he didn’t mean it” or “I was afraid” or some other sick rationalization. I can honestly say that if my husband/brother/father/friend did this and I had an inkling of it, I’d turn him in before the ink dried on the first search warrant.

      I also think it’s likely the police have already spoken with this guy — or he’s on the radar somewhere. Hopefully, they’ll get him before he gets his filthy hands on anyone else.

      1. Great points Jennifer! I also agree with the comment above that fresh law enforcement eyes may be needed on this case ASAP. It seems the target fish has likely slipped through their net. I wouldn’t rely on the same LE personnel to recognize it the second time.

    2. You would be surprised to know that family is usually the last ones to find out their loved one is a killer, a pschosiopath or a pscbycopatb.

  6. Well if one theory is correct, the audio and video Liberty recorded is not what you want in your head. That’s one thing everyone seems to agree on, based on what LE has said, things that people in the area have mentioned, and on whatever materials/media is out there. I would also think holding that information back is for the sake of Abigail and Liberty’s families, if they don’t know the details, what is left of their fragile hearts would be obliterated otherwise. As strong as I like to think I am, I wouldn’t be able to handle hearing my daughter fight for her life and lose violently nor would I want the whole curious world to hear it either. I say let them keep that part as long as they need to.

  7. I believe you are 100 % correct on law enforcement needing to release more info before the case turns cold ! I have a suspicion that they know who is guilty & is waiting for more evidence to be analyzed. I hope i am not being morbid but did they have an open casket for the girls ? They seemed to bury them sooner than normal murder victims. Some bruises, needle marks & bugs don’t show up until 3 weeks after death !

    1. What goggles?

      My brother has given up on this case being solved, but I have not. I keep reminding g him if the California McStay case. LE out there was. Allen every word but good.
      Then all of a sudden one day – the go and cuff the murderer.
      We don’t know a fraction of what LE knows and one day sooner or later they will spring their trap.
      This is going g to be a difficult case to prove.
      I personally think they already know who did it. They’ve just got to assemble unshakable evidence. A photo and a voice won’t cut it.

      1. I’d like to believe you’re right, that they know who did it and now are gathering evidence – but I think we would have heard something about that, about a guy being interviewed by police more than once, or about someone lawyering up early. The sad thing is, the media apparently isn’t much interested in following the case and without media pressure, police may slow down their efforts. My bet is, it’s a family member or neighbor, someone who lives close. It’s not random, it’s close to home.

  8. This person(s) had to have seen the girls dropped off…so they were near them when they arrived, and decided to follow them with bad intent. I don’t know the area, or what it looks like where they were dropped off…but there had to have been a vehicle close by when they got out of their car for their hike. It seems so odd…like everything fell into place on that day, that time of day…that no one saw anything…no cameras around the area…the town…facial recognition ability…very strange.

  9. I live in a small town in RI and I have been following this case from the beginning. It bothers me that people are so quick to pass judgement on these parents. I was given a wake up call that it doesn’t matter where we live. Evil is all around us. I am sure someone recognizes that voice and man in the picture. How can they live with themselves knowing what he has done. If by any chance you are reading this take a look at the little girls around you and ask yourself how you are going to protect them from this monster?

  10. Observations: the bridge is very high and has numerous gaps. The guy is looking down but he has hands in his pockets. That man has been on that bridge and in those bushes many times. He didn’t just show up that day. He could navigate his way, and knew where to be. Timing: the girls got there, and he timed his jump on the bridge to reflect where they were on the bridge, without him running. That takes good estimation since it’s a long bridge. Did the BG look behind him at any time to see if others were coming? Was anyone else there that day either earlier or later? How did he know he had to cross over the water and where to cross over the water. I say, if he needed to scope this place out surely someone remembers seeing someone. Plus, has law enforcement found any link to any online relationship? Had the girls planned this outing online? Was it knowledge, we’re they secretly stalked or random convenient victims. We’re the crimes specific to the age group or would any female have been the victim?

  11. This is a strange case. My prayers go out to Libby and Abbys family.. i also agree that more evidence needs to be released to the public in hopes on catching this evil scumbag.

  12. I saw a man that resembled him in Indianapolis in 2015. We were fishing by Rick’s boat yard and this man kept talking to my child and then went to his car and took out a my Little pony toy to give to my son, kept telling me he hated people who hurt beautiful children. I wasn’t sure where that came from it was very random. He sounded like a guilty paedophile. I asked him if he had children and said no. So why was he carrying a child’s toy? He offered to teach us to fish and he kept going on and on about how he loved children and how they’re innocent and precious. I’ll never forget how he mentioned he was a truck driver and that’s why he didn’t have a family. This man was obviously a loner and was up to no good. This area was very secluded and hidden. I left shortly with my two boys, I felt unsafe.

    1. You were very smart to leave. I agree. That’s creepy. I always tell my girls, if something feels odd, off or funny follow your gut. I feel very bad for those poor Delphi girls. My god, they have his voice and pictures and still they can’t get this monster.

    2. Your comments gave me much to consider. Thank you for sharing them V. I have experienced what has been referred to as ‘ The Gift Of Fear ‘ … from the title of Gavin de Becker’s book originally published 1997. ( Must read ! )

      If I encounter a suspicious person in the future, I will not hesitate to take their photo with my phone.

      With all the information that seems to be available, I believe it’s not a matter of if this case will be solved, but when.

      Prayers for the family’s & friends of both victims.

  13. I’ve been following this case also and it stays on my mind. I was wondering if the man whose property the girls were found on has taken a lie detector test? I may have missed some of the coverage regarding him. Did the killer not know her phone was recording? Did he touch it and leave fingerprints? Thanks!

  14. I saw a news article today that showed a mans picture next to the new composite drawing. He looked so much like the guy they are looking for. His DNA was collected then he was released, then of course now he is no where to be found. Has anyone else seen this?!

    1. I did see that Michelle, and you are right, that guy was a very good match for the sketch of BG. I hope they find him. I am curious, if he gave DNA and it was a match, why LE wouldn’t come right out and say so and ask for the public’s help in tracking him down

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