Unsolved Mysteries is back! The show that started it all for me


It’s official, updated episodes Unsolved Mysteries are back on Amazon Prime! If you are a fan of true crime, surely you can’t forget Robert Stack’s trench coat, the theme music for the show, and the endless number of cases that they covered. Cases of all kinds were presented from unexplained deaths, to missing persons, to serial killers- even ghosts,UFO’s and Bigfoot himself.


I remember when i was a teenager in the late 1980’s watching the show with my parents while all my friends were playing video games and popping VHS tapes in the VCR. Unsolved Mysteries is truly the show that started my love of true crime. I didn’t miss an episode. I for one am looking forward to seeing updates on old cases. Some of the cases I saw have stuck with me for years, and I have some personal favorites.

The murder of little Rachael Runyon in Utah was one that really has disturbed me over the years.

The case of the Two Mary murders was an interesting one.

The murder of Diana Robertson and disappearance of her boyfriend Mike Riemer in Washington was a memorable case.

The episode on the I-70 serial killer was another favorite of mine.

At some point, they brought back updated episodes of Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina taking over for Robert Stack, but it wasn’t quite the same. That being said, they did feature some pretty good episodes like this one.

And, who can forget the top notch acting job that Matthew Mcconaughey turned in with his portrayal of a Texas murderer?

This one’s in Spanish, but trust me his acting in the episode was, to quote Mr. Mcconaughey, alright alright alright.

If you want to check out some cool and little known facts about the show, check out this cool page.

And of course, for all things Unsolved Mysteries, past, present, and future, visit the show’s official site.

Do you have any favorite episodes or any thoughts about the show? Please share them here in the comments section below.
If you love true crime and somehow have never watched Unsolved Mysteries, be sure to check it out. If you did and you just miss the show, bring on the nostalgia and re-live it all again!



8 thoughts on “Unsolved Mysteries is back! The show that started it all for me”

  1. I watched this show with my grandparents weekly and developed my fascination with solving true crime. My Mom and I always remembered an episode involving a woman named Wanda who’s bed wasn’t slept in and the window was broken with blood. Throughout the e always talked about what happened to Wanda. I looked it up about one year ago and there was actually an update that Wanda’s remains had been found; she had a panic attack and fell in the ravine, or something like that. When I told my Mom, she remembered and said, our Wanda?” RIP Wanda. Welcome back Unsolved Mysteries!

    1. Hi Stephanie, good to hear from you. Cool to hear about some of those old cases being solved or updated. Thanks for reading and please share this article on social media with others that may like the show

      1. Hi I was just watching episode that showed a ufo sighting in Hudson valley ny in March of 83 , I lived in lowville ny at about that time and seen this object above the dairy barn hovering it had two decks , I see the beins standing in what appeared to be Windows on both decks and it was not much higher than solo which was 80 ft in height I observed this for about 15 min hoovering

        1. Sounds like a cool experience. I saw something a few years back that I tried to get on video with my phone but it was nightime and I was shaking and couldn’t zoom in enough with the phone. It was something really weird

  2. I loved this show! I lived in Australia and remember going to my uncle’s place who owned a set of the multivolume “The Unexplained: Mysteries of Mind, Space & Time.” I would read it every time I visited my cousins. I was already fascinated by the supernatural, but this encyclopaedia awakened in me a deeper interest in the subject of unexplained phenomena. At the same time, “Unsolved Mysteries” started airing on Australian TV and it was a favorite show of mine and my mom. Although my memory’s getting sketchy now I nostalgically remember coming home from Saturday night mass by myself and mom would make some TV snacks for me, which usually comprised French fries and ketchup, which I’d munch on while watching UM. A few years later “The X Files” began airing in Australia too and so my Saturday night TV program schedule would include an episode of UM and straight after an episode of TXF! A favorite UM case for me was the murder of Don Henry & Kevin Ives, which haunts me to this day! Maybe because one of the boys looked so much like a childhood friend of mine. And the case of the “Son of Sam” totally creeped me out! Of course the chilling theme music and Robert Stack’s eerie voice always added to the suspense of each case. I loved the treasure and UFO cases probably the best having grown up on so much of Spielberg’s fare like “CEIII”, “ET” “Indiana Jones” and “Goonies” throughout the 1980s! Ahh those were the days! It’s great that UM is now on YouTube and Amazon—My teenage nieces love the show and have become fans as well—so a new generation can be mesmerized by haunting cases of the unexplained and unsolved and old fans can relive with fondness a classic show that captured the imagination of its audience—both young and old—that would linger with you long into the darkness of the night!

    1. Thanks John. You hit the nail on the head, there was something for everybody on this show, it seems like nobody was left out.

  3. When you say the episodes are now updated, do you mean the ones on Amazon Prime have been edited to include the updates or there are brand new episodes which have been updated? I have Amazon Prime but just see the original seasons and episodes. I loved this show and wish they would bring it back.

    1. They do have updates to many cases, and there have been rumblings that the show will come back to life with all new cases, and a brand new host. How exciting!

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