Twisted Tracks; The Murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams



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As I was preparing to launch my Blog, shooting for a mid-February launch, a senseless double murder of two teenage Girls grabbed national headlines and it would only be fitting for me to write this article about their case. My hope is that by the time you read this, that those responsible for their deaths, are identified. My fear is that by the time that you read this, that they won’t be.

Delphi, Indiana is a small rural town about 75 miles North of Indianapolis. The town is surrounded by secluded, scenic nature trails known as the Delphi Historic Trails, that feature miles of train tracks. The population of Delphi consists of approximately 3,000 People, and one of them is quite possibly a murderer.

On Monday February 13,2017 at about 1pm, a Family Member dropped off 14 year-old Liberty German and 13 year old, Abigail Williams near the trails so that the two teenage Friends could spend the day together hiking the trails. At 5:30 PM, they were supposed to meet up with a Family Member at a pre-determined location to be picked up. They never showed. When the two Friends did not show up, Family immediately reported them missing, and a large search party was created to search the Historic Trail area where they had been walking, but the search had to be suspended due to darkness, and resumed the next morning.

On Tuesday, February 14,2017 the search resumed that included K9 units and Dive teams. The search went on thru the day until around Noon when searchers discovered two bodies. The Bodies, although not confirmed to be Liberty and Abigail officially, obviously were. Police would not release much in the way of details, but stated that foul play was suspected.


Due to the rural and secluded location where the Girl’s Bodies had been found, this had all the makings of a case that may go cold quickly due to a lack of witnesses, but the Police released a photo of a ‘Person of interest’ on Wednesday February 15, 2017. The grainy photo, which is possibly from the frame of a video, appears to show a man with a blue jacket and jeans walking alone the railroad tracks. It’s unclear what camera source the photos came from. Police stated that they wanted to talk to the man to see if he could help their investigation and asked the public to help identify him. It is not known if the man was identified, however, the Police executed a case related search warrant at a home in Delphi on Thursday February 16,2017. No arrests have been made as of the posting of this article.

This is a sad case. Two young Girls spending the day together having fun doing something they enjoyed and not getting into trouble. This shouldn’t have happened. There have been plenty of theories and discussions about the case so far via social media and on various amateur sleuthing websites like

So far, there have been lots of questions and few answers. As of the time this article is being published, Police have not identified a Person of Interest, nor have they released autopsy results. In fact, they haven’t even officially called the deaths of the two Girls murders. Some clues are out there to be found, including the social Media, ‘Snapchat’ that the Girls were using around the time of their deaths. The following photo was posted to Liberty’s Snapchat account on the afternoon they went missing. The haunting photo shows Abigail walking on railroad track bridge that was part of the trail area. While it’s assumed that her Friend Liberty took the photo, it’s not certain.

The Snapchat photo of Abigail taken at 2:07 PM the day that they vanished, is the last known documentation of their movements. Their Bodies were found less than a mile from this Bridge. I hope that there are answers soon in this case, and that it doesn’t go cold. Police certainly are being tight lipped about what they do or do not have so far in this case. It remains to be seen if this case will be solved and if so, was the Killer a Stranger to the Girls, or more disturbing, possibly Somebody close to them. I will update this article as Details emerge.

UPDATE TODAY, 2/22/17: Police held a news conference, and this is officially a Double homicide investigation! And Liberty is being called a Hero by Police for turning on her camera/audio and recording the Suspect saying what sounds to be “down the hill”. More updates to come.

UPDATE TODAY, 2/22/17: This Monster has also made the FBI’s Most Wanted List!

UPDATE TODAY 2/22/17: Police confirmed that Audio recording & photo of the Suspect were taken by Liberty German

UPDATE TODAY 2/22/17: Police Press Conference on the case

UPDATE TODAY 2/24/17 Police confirm that they have DNA evidence that they have fast tracked for testing and hope the DNA profile develop is a match for a DNA profile in the National Database

UPDATE TODAY 2/28/17 The website RADARONLINE.COM is reporting that investigators may be zeroing in on their Suspect and that a warrant to search a second home has been obtained

UPDATE TODAY 3/2/17 There is a Facebook group, 16,000+ strong talking about this case,how amazing is that?

UPDATE TODAY 3/9/17 Liberty’s grandfather, Mike Patty, had a brief press conference discussing the case, and thanking people for help in this case

UPDATE TODAY 3/10/17 The Facebook group I mentioned above has grown to almost 20,000 strong proving just how many people have been touched by this case.

UPDATE TODAY 3/10/17 There still seems to be discussion of the possible link to the unsolved Iowa murders of Lyric Cook & Elizabeth Collins but there is nothing officially linking the two cases

UPDATE TODAY 3/14/17 Another Facebook group with thousands of members is seeking justice for Abby & Libby

UPDATE TODAY 3/17/17 Police served a search warrant today on the owner of the property where Abby’s and Libby’s bodies were found. Police searched the home and vehicle of Ron Logan. He was arrested recently on a probation violation unrelated to the murders. Police are not publicly calling Logan a suspect. Updates will follow as they come

UPDATE TODAY 3/20/17 Ron Logan was released from jail today after police searched his home and property. Apparently, there’s nothing linking him to the double murder case.

UPDATE TODAY 3/29/17 This week, Abigail’s mother, Anna Williams, broke her silence and discussed the case publicly. Also, investigators announced that they are scaling down the investigation team and that leads and tips are dwindling down. Sadly, this is the first sign that the case is going cold. Stay tuned for more updates

UPDATE TODAY 4/2/17. I have added a Youtube video posted by Randy Gravitt showing the layout of the area, the bridges, trails, property lines in question, etc This will give you a better understanding of what the girls, and killer(s) would have seen in that area.

Update 7/18/17 Authorities have released a sketch of the perpetrator 



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  1. I’m from that area. Thanks for bringing further attention to the case. One error to mention is that you misidentified Abigail as Liberty.

      1. Nice work on the new site, Mike. Does that look like the outline of a semi-automatic pistol on the side of his jacket? It’s a little easier to see on the right pic.

        1. Thanks Drew for checking it out. I saw that too. Somebody told me it was an effect caused from manipulating the photo to enhance it

          1. I feel there is what looks to be something in his blue jacket pocket-i downloaded the pic-enhanced and enlarged it and it looks like n object-size of a gun in his right kscket pocket area..besides of course-the brown colored pouch on that side, that appears to be hanging off his waist/belt area.

          2. While I was using effects to try and clear up the face of the man in the picture, I noticed what might be a mole or spot on the the mans face, I’m not sure entirely but it could be a facial feature of the suspected killer. I don’t know how to show it on here

    1. Hi, Jay. Might you know where Tow Path Road is? Is it near the RR tracks? I was perusing Liberty’s FB entries for now and two years ago to see if there are any men on there who might resemble this guy. Liberty had a friend whose husband has the same build, same big hands whose marriage supposedly was going sour. I don’t know how Liberty knew this older couple but she really liked the wife, couldn’t find out if she liked the husband. Also, this woman has a photo of Tow Path road which looks a lot like the entrance to where the two girls were dropped off that fateful day. Probably I’m just haggling over nothing but the thought did occur that this might be the case of having known this guy before on FB.

      1. You should report any suspicions to Indiana State Police or FBI..they are pleading public the public to report any small suspicions, whether they turn out to be of significance or can do this anonymously.

      2. Tanya:

        The road you mention isn’t terribly far from the crime scene but it’s not right there. Delphi’s a small town, so nothing there is terribly far from anything else, though.

        I’m sure the police and FBI are also combing through the girls’ social media accounts for clues as well.

        You could be on to something.

        There’s recent thought that the perpetrator could have hitchhiked in.

        I hope he’s local, though, because it will increase the odds of apprehension.

        I just saw a report on the recovery of DNA from the crime scene. This could be huge.

        1. I wonder if it’s possible this Guy catfished the Girls on social media, told them that he was a teenager himself, and that he would meet them out there, or,perhaps he was just monitoring their social media and knew they would be there. Jay, would a stranger to that area be able to walk that trail,know where to find it, and navigate it? Also, if somebody wants to drive to it and park and walk it, where do they park? This video was posted to Youtube a couple days before the girls were murdered.
          If the Person that uploaded it filmed it just before he uploaded it, he may have seen somebody or something unusual in the area

          1. I’ve yet to actually walk the trail but I’m planning to go some time in the upcoming week, weather permitting. I think there is parking a ways down from the area in which Abigail was photographed by Liberty on the old railroad trestle that is now part of a historic trail system. And the trail can be accessed at a few other other points as well, including in the actual town of Delphi.

            What i do know is that although a newish four lane highway is nearby, it seems that unless the perpetrator had some connection to this town, he’d likely not been knowledgeable enough to access the walking trail unless he literally stumbled upon it as a vagrant or hitchhiker looking for a wooded area to pitch a tent or something similar.

            So, what we basically appear to have is either someone who currently lives in this area, has lived in the area previously, has some knowledge/access to the area through friends, family, or employment, or in another category, someone who is of the vagrant category, meaning they travel around as a “drifter”, and ended up in this area. Given the nearby four lane highway, perhaps a hitchhiker was dropped off nearby and they happened to stumble upon the trail.

            Perhaps they did pitch a tent in the wooded area near the walking trail which culminates in the former railroad trestle that was the girls’ last verified location while still alive, and perhaps randomly crossed paths with the girls.

            If it was someone who was previously aware of the girls, either through social media or proximity, it’s likely they have a more established residence in the area.

          2. Ok. That’s really strange. Could it be just a coincidence? Didn’t the police say the bodies ended up where they did because the water carried them there? That’s a chilling video given what happened 2 days later.

          3. I can’t reply directly to Cheryl for some reason, but in response to her question regarding whether the bodies floated downstream, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

            Law enforcement has reported the two girls’ bodies were located approximately 50 feet inland from the creek.

          4. Seriously not trying to falsely accuse anyone! However, the guy who took the video of the Monor High Bridge with his drone (Mike posted on February 24, 2017 at 12:04 pm) and had posted it on Youtube a couple of days before the murders does actually resemble the suspect photo Liberty captured on the bridge. Also, at the end of that youtube video a person reaches out to pick up the drone that landed and the clothing is also very similar. I googled the name of this man who shot this youtube video + Indiana and this leads to a 2009 Indiana Superior Court appeal in Marion County for a convicted sex offender(could he have actually gotten out since then?). Marion County is just a little over an hour away from Carroll County where the murders occurred. I do not know how to find out if this convicted sex offender is the same man who shot the youtube video but even without that knowledge his resemblance and youtube video is highly suspicious. What if he used his drone to verify that the area where the girls were was clear of other hikers?

      3. Tow Path Road is north of Delphi maybe 5-6 miles, if not more. Not even close to where the girls were dropped off, where that trail is, or where High Bridge is.

        1. the girls bodies were found about a mile from where they were dropped off..the photos they took weren’t all that far from where they were dropped off..

      4. I hope you reported that to the police it’s a very important that they know and thanks for sharing this case is very important to me as I have grown up around the area and still have lots of friends that live in DELPHI

      5. i agree with Tanya-and did the same thing as she did-checked out all the men who may have any type of acquaintance with Liberty and Abigal. One man did stand out-same one i think as did to Tanya. Nince times out of ten-this type of sex predator/offender type of crime-will turn out to be someone local or, was living in that area and even is familar with the victim-even if only through a FB/social media link-through a friend..
        I noticed the area where girls were found-is ‘down a hill’ to water area…i wish we could hear more of the man’s voice-but maybe LE aren’t letting more be heard as they have a few trong suspects and don’t want to alert them/him’ to that.

    2. I can’t believe the FBI has pulled back on the search but they never gave up looking for Manning’s stolen jersey ..
      What has America come to .
      So sad.
      Jody Oklahoma City

      1. The massive amount of money, time, and man power needed to assist in this case must be astronomical. I think the case is likely going cold, and FBI will assist in any way they can but from a distance. Either that,or the authorities have their man and are preparing an arrest and airtight case against him,so the FBI is taking a back seat

    3. Look under brown spot .you can see a hand with a hammer in it .And i have photos of two people working on park beaches .The day before girls came up missing .,I put these to photos side by side ,and sure looks like man on bridge ,So i took it to .FBI THEY SAID THEY LOOK IN TO IT .

      1. No-the photo was taken very shortly after timewise-i read in one police report- that Liberty took the photo of Abigal i understand-i enlarged the photo up-what most agree on-is the suspect IS wearing a hooded sweatshirt-which is what in part you see around his neck and back neck area-and no sign of dark blood on jeans-had there been unlikely police would’ve let that be published to public. As i said-i understand from the TV Indianapolis channel 59 report-and HLN….that photo of suspect was taken about 2:33…they were wondering what made Liberty take the photo of him?? Did she seem to know, or recognize him? He seems to be walking at a quick pace. Was there something about him that alarmed her to take two video photos?

    1. That’s ridiculous. One of the girls took the photo of him on her cell phone, presumably as he was coming towards them. He wouldn’t have her jacket and he wouldn’t be covered in blood at that time (before the murders) not to mention you absolutely can’t make out those detail whatsoever. It appears around his waist that he’s wearing a fanny pack.

      1. Thanks for posting Jill. Friendly debate or disagreement isn’t a bad thing. As of last I checked, they hadn’t said what the source of the photo of the mystery Guy is. It could be a trail cam photo,surveillance photo,etc. I read that there were some People out there previously with possible drug operations etc,so maybe the police have surveillance cameras out there. At least, it’s officially now a Double homicide. They have audio of the Guy that WAS captured by Liberty’s phone in which you can hear him say what appears to be “Down the hill”. I will update the story here with that info

        1. Not that it matters but you totally can make out him saying “GO down the hill”
          And In the article where you are speaking about the picture of Abigail walking the railroad, you said Abigail took the photo also, I believe you meant liberty

          1. Thanks,I updated at the bottom of the story to reflect that Liberty’s phone was the source of the audio & photo

        2. they stated in the press confrence that the photo came fom liberty Germans cell phone. They took it from when she first started the video. Also the audio clip is from liberty German turning on her video recorder. They have more video and audio but won’t release to the public so it don’t hinder their investigation. Law enforcement said today about liberty that she is a hero to record criminal behavior that’s about to occur. It’s sad and tragic what’s happened to these girls and only makes the heart ache worse by knowing liberty knew something was wrong so she turned on her video recorder. There would be nothing in the way of a suspect if that little girl hadn’t of done what she did. It’s horrifying to think probably their whole murder was recorded on her own phone and bits can be seen and heard. Bless you Abby and Libby.

          1. Hi Tasha,

            Thanks for stopping by and reading this article. Your thoughts are appreciated. I too hope they catch this monster, and believe Liberty was a Hero and may ultimately be the reason her Killer is caught. Can you imagine what the Police would have to go on without the photo or audio? Please subscribe to my blog for updates on this story and to get info on other interesting cases

        3. Did they say what the girls were wearing the day of them missing? I seen what Abby wore in the picture that libby took but I didn’t know what libby was wearing, thanks

        4. The photo came from liberty’s phone in the press conference they held they mention that. All the photos and videos came from the phone.

          1. Thanks at the time I wrote this, that wasn’t known. I have posted updates at the bottom of the article

      2. Actually, if one takes a lot of time and effort and questions everything in that photo, there is a lot of information to be gleaned by Joe Q. Public.

        For example, if one really examines the photo, they will POSSIBLY see an image on the front of the jacket/shirt/hoodie. Yes, I reported this to the FBI so don’t get your panties or spandex shorts in a wad….

    2. Just a question, but how could the suspect be wearing “her” sweater in the picture that was taken from Libby’s phone? They were both still alive when that photo was taken and they recovered that off of her phone. Also he wouldn’t have any blood on him in that picture yet. They were still alive

    3. These photos were taking from Libby’s phone by Libby. They are still alive so how could there be blood.

      1. Jo, when that person made the comment about blood, it was before the police released info that the pic was from her phone

  2. Thanks for writing this. Where did the picture of the man come from? Who took it? Also, where is the photo taken, out in the woods on the trail?

    1. I will Jenny, thanks for reading the story. It’s scary that these Monsters are out there. Please be sure to share this article via social media so that this Man’s photo & voice can be identified.

  3. It does seem as if Jill is right, that the guy is wearing a fanny pack around his waist…. but can’t be certain. From the audio, he sounds like between 40-50 something in age and he also sounds like he is out of breath, perhaps a smoker. In the right photo, there seems to be something like a thin long black strip coming between his left leg lying down his right knee?almost like something is hanging from his belt loop? I at first thought it was a shadow from the distorted picture but it does look sort of like a rifle or stringy material, belt? hanging down over the right knee. Maybe we see what we want to see because we all want to help so badly?

    1. Great observations Tanya. Maybe he was out of breath from chasing them, etc I have looked at the pic over and over, it’s hard for me to tell anything for sure. The only thing I can say for sure is, I see a man with jeans and a blue jacket. Please subscribe to my blog for updates on this story and to get info on other interesting cases.

        1. disagree-it looks like a fanny pack i found online-men like it and i was told by someone who hikes that bridge area that a lot of hikers wear them

        2. You’re right it is a knife holster-this man is sinister and a complete monster. How I wish those girls had mace or a weapon to protect themselves! The place looks so sullen and desolate. I guess not being from the area it looks that way to me. I was independent when I was a teen but I always looked an isolated place over before I ventured anywhere. If there was no way I could protect myself I wouldn’t enter the area. I think that you need to approach situations this way so that you have a plan in case things go awry. I taught my children that. People have to have a Plan “A” and a Plan “B” and a Plan “C” in this type of world we live in today. People are very mobile and with the internet/Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram anyone can “follow” you and therefore “find” you. It is a scary world and it is not too much to ask that our valuable children follow certain rules and protocol to keep themselves safe. No, we don’t have to “overprotect” our kids-although I admit I did mine, but there are certain rules that they have to abide by.

      1. Hi, Mike. I did sign up to your blog and think that this is such a great thing you are doing to help solve crimes.
        Got a question for others if I may? Didn’t it seem as if this guy in the photos had a rather distinctive sound to his voice? sort as if he had been in vocal media sometime, a foreman, teacher or an authoritative
        sound in his voice? I’m a singer/musician and I notice things like that. Of course, if he is a serial killer, then he would have that commanding voice more likely (repeating those horrible death commands on a regular basis) although I have heard the voices of other male killers who often didn’t have that command of voice; a few had squeaky voices. Just another observation that may be out in left field but hopefully we will all know soon because this sicko will be caught.

        1. Hi Tanya,interesting theory. I think it’s possible that he felt like he had the Authority because he was an adult man with a weapon and Abby & Libby were two young girls with none

    2. A man on FB has put up a photo (looks like an x-ray of sorts) of the perpetrator’s leg, the leg that I mentioned in my posting here that there
      looks to me to be a weapon of some kind (the long thin black streak on his knee). Another FB poster said it looks like a meat packing knife and I have a gut feeling they are right. If so, this could really help investigators look at certain factories and those who word there. Plus, it might tell more about the way the crime was committed so very sad to say.

      1. I can’t comment on any weapon visible in the version of the photo that you are referring to, since I haven’t seen(nor trust)any altered photo of the official photo released by law enforcement, but as far as the idea of a meat packing knife, the largest employer in that town is a meat plant.

        The police and FBI know the manner of death and I’m sure they have scoured available photos for clues.

        The FBI has placed electronic billboards in something like 45 states, seeking information in this case.

        Tips are coming in by the thousands at this point.

        1. Hi, Jay! Your observations are erudite and compelling. BTW, could Jay be for June…? Perhaps as a tribute? Thanks!

  4. One thing I forgot to add: In the right photo where it seems he is slightly turning, take a peek in the background, on the left clearly stick-like tree limbs standing out. Then behind his head, in the back a ways, it looks like Railroad signal posts. I put a magnifying glass to the photos and that doesn’t look like a tree limb. Whether this would make any difference to solving where this happened, I don’t know but it might be of some help to know if that is a signal post — if the poor girls’ bodies were dumped not far from there.

  5. I do not want to add false information on any of this but I read that this man could be seen in the picture of one of the girls walking on the tracks. I have looked at this picture many times and I don’t see a person in the woods. Is there any truth to this? Lord, I hope they find this man! God bless the girls.

  6. Thanks to Everybody that has taken the time to read and share this article. All of your thoughts and opinions are appreciated. I hope to keep updating the article, and hopefully, post that the case is soon solved. Please be sure to subscribe to my blog to get the updates on this story, as well as lots of other interesting cases.

  7. Is the 1st pic (just the bridge) one of the snapchats that was taken by the girls. Im asking because if you zoom in on the right hand side you can see someone

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for reading & posting. I think I see what you are talking about, but it’s hard to tell. I’ve read that there are some poles way down at the end that appear to be People.

      1. I see what Debbie is talking about. It’s straight across from the timber that’s sticking out from the bridge. It doesn’t look like surrounding brush. It looks like someone looking at who ever is taking the picture.
        Thank you so much for giving these murders more publicity!!! God bless those poor girls and their families!!

        1. Thanks for reading and posting Vicky. This is definitely a terrible case that I hope is solved quickly. It worries me that they still have not identified the Person of Interest. The more time that passes by, the more chance there is that this case could get ‘cold’. I am hoping that they can do something better with the audio recording and the photo. Perhaps, they will be able to get some clues via cell phone towers,etc. Let’s keep our Fingers crossed!

  8. Although we don’t know the specifics of the deaths but this case reminds me an awful lot of the two girls kidnapped and murdered in Evansdale, IA. It is only 6 hours away.

      1. Mike you have got to look it up. They are similar, though the distance where they found the bodies was further away from where the girls were believed to be kidnapped in the Iowa case. Just look up Evansdale, IA cousins murders. There is no image or leads really whatsoever. They did think one of the parents was involved in drugs and think there could be a possible link there, but just one of the theories from what I can tell. They have not released the cause of death, though they were found at a secluded, wooded area. Some are even theorizing that the perpetrator moved from Iowa to Indiana and it’s the same person in this case. Though, given we don’t know the cause of death in either it is difficult to consider a connection – other than two young girls, alone together, kidnapped from a public secluded recreational area near a small town, and remains were found in a wooded area. Hopefully LE is looking into any sort of possible connection.

        1. This is exactly my thoughts too it even took place on the 13th day and a large award for information leading to arrest

    1. Please post facts,,,the girls in Iowa was riding their bikes when they went missing in July 2012,they were found in December ,,both had been killed..Today it remains a cold case … yesterday, I first posted on how much the 2 cases were alike in more ways then one…A big Thank You for posting the 4 girls side by side

  9. This is so heartbreaking & senseless, and makes me so angry. Angry that two young girls, can’t go on a hike in the woods, without it costing them their lives. Angry, that you’re not safe anywhere, even in a secluded, rural location, where there’s no one to help you. This predator took advantage of that. Thank God, the girls got the murderer on their phone, I pray he’s caught soon. Take whatever steps you need, to keep yourself safe, whether it be, having some keys, you could use as a weapon, pepper spray or a kick to the groin. Whatever it takes.

    1. Hi Gevat, thanks for reading. I agree with you 100%. These Girls were staying out of trouble and this sick predator did this to them. Their parents probably felt Okay since they were together as opposed to them walking alone,because usually,it IS safer. I hope they catch this scumbag

    2. I live 20 minutes from the crime scene. The town of Delphi, Indiana is a seemingly peaceful, small Midwestern town. You half expect to peek into a barber shop and see Floyd the Barber from the Andy Griffith Show.

      But as Hitchcock’s movie Shadow of a Doubt showed us, evil can lurk in the most seemingly innocent places.

    3. I completely agree with you, this case has really grabbed me this week and its because if you can’t let your kids go on a nature walk for a few hours then what can you let them do? Its just so very sad. I cringe thinking that one of the girls probably watched the other die… it breaks my heart.

      1. Hi Brendon, thanks for reading. That’s what bothers me so much. You think if you let your teenager out of the house, they are safer with a Friend, and usually they are. These Girls weren’t at a party,or causing trouble,they were hiking. It’s awful

    1. I live in Chino Hills CA. It is considered one of the safest cities in the Country. I do not feel safe, and I feel the same way as you do. I see predator in men. I don’t like to have that feeling. It’s just that when you read about infants being raped and killed, children raped and abused, teens murdered, like Liberty and Abby, you just begin to wonder what the heck is going on.

    2. very typical heather-when you live fairly close to where a murder happen. You think-is the man still here-walking around and shopping-or did he quickly leave town-or they leave town? Likely the suspect isn’t wearing those clothes-especially jacket and hat anymore and likely shaved.
      I do wonder this-
      when Liberty snapped the videos of the suspect and put on video-and then they found her phone later after the muders..why didn’t the suspect take the phone-thinking something about him MIGHT be on it? Or-was he-and/or them who did this-rushed for time…Or-was the suspect not tech smart on checking an iphone? I was told by someone in delphi-that you can send a photo/video to cloud? Perhaps why suspect didn’t see the videos photos of himself?
      The way this was handled by suspect(s)-this isn’t first time..

      1. I don’t know that law enforcement said they were in possession of the phone. They could have pulled this data video/ snap off the cloud. Which makes more sense since they have reported that the phone had pinged multiple times from around town in the following hours. They have cell phone data beyond what’s physically on the phone

  10. Does anyone here recall where one of tbe girls grandpa spoke his voice saounds like down the hill a little, but i can’t find it now

    1. Hi, Heather. Believe it or not, I even became suspicious of the grandfather not so much because of his voice (although will try and find that tape of grandpa’s voice again) but because he didn’t seem very distraught at all. I didn’t see tears, he kept his head bowed, not showing emotion to anyone it seemed. That’s not really a clue, just an observation. Men often don’t like to let people see them cry but I think in a case like this they wouldn’t care.

      1. Everybody shows their emotions differently,and most of us Men don’t try to show don’t try to show much. Also, he may have been in denial or shock

      2. I thought I was the only one with this line of thinking. The, now infamous, photo has significant similarities (build, nose, etc). I’m in no way accusing the man of anything, but some things seems “off” about him- without me going into detail. I work in criminal law and don’t want to incite negativity toward a man who well may be completely innocent, but I hope that LE has looked closely at him. The girls would follow someone they know “down the hill”. (Yes, I also agree that the clip sounds like him.) We don’t know what else is contained in the video on Liberty’s phone, but it would also make sense for her to video her grandfather (based solely on the limited information we have about the contents of the video). Motive? Liberty had been homeschooled until just recently and didn’t have many friends. At one point she was described as being socially delayed. If there had been inappropriate contact between the grandfather and he had become aware of Liberty confiding in Abby, this would be a strong motive. I’m a huge fan of grandfather’s sister and pray that this hunch is just that – a misguided hunch. However, it has continued to bother me.

    2. You can Google and type in video of Liberty German’s grandfather speaking to the press. That’s how I found it. I don’t know how to paste it here from my Tablet.

    3. Mike, even though this is a reply to Heather please forgive me if a repeat. This case gets people all riled up and well they should to some extent but makes people nutty. I hope Jay and Mike will relisten to the voice on the tape again. Reason being? Many women don’t often watch men’s movies (at least I don’t) action films, war, guy stuff. Well, after listening over and over to the voice on the tape I thought, who does the voice remind me of that is a famous person? It’s easier to think in terms of famous voices that we’ve all heard before only for distinction purposes of who this monster sounds like. not that it was a famous person who di this heinous crime. The voice I came up with is George C. Scott. See if it sounds that way to you too or someone else because if it sounds so much like someone we all have heard before we’re more apt to take notice of someone who sounds like that. I hope you all understand what I’m saying. 🙂

      1. Tanya:

        Yes, I can see a resemblance between their voices.

        And I think that unless the perpetrator/s is/are complete loners, someone who has heard the voice recording has to recognize or at least suspect they know whose voice it is.

        1. It’s not the Grandfather because Libby would not have snapped a picture of her own grandfather on this trail or recorded his voice in a 6 minute video. Law Enforcement would know from a 6 minute recording if it was the Grandfather. This is small town, rural Indiana and people sound alike in their voice and inflection.

  11. In my opinion the suspect is not a vagrant based on his clothing and apparent grooming. If a staked out, spontaneous ambush was planned from the wooded area on anyone who walked by, I would expect that individual to be wearing drab, or even camouflage clothing. I also think he is in his mid to late twenties based on build and hair color. Rail trails have isolated, lonely locations, but they can also be quite busy and to assume you can carry out an act like this without someone showing up unexpectedly is extremely risky. I’ve looked at this location on Google Earth and I would have to believe the suspect is very familiar with the area and probably has seen these girls walk the trails in the past, or knew they were going to be there. The surrounding area appears quite open and if he walked out along the edge of the woods he would risk being seen from afar. Again, I think he knows the area quite well. Perhaps someone local can comment further on my theories?

    1. Thanks for reading & posting CG. I agree with you that he doesn’t look homeless, but I think he’s older in his late 30’s at least,maybe 40’s to 50’s

    2. The man is definitely an older man possibly in his 40’s50’s. You can tell that by his photo, not sure but it looks as if there is some gray stubble near lips /chin. Also, his voice is that of someone older.

      1. The voice recording of the suspect(or accomplice?)that was released by law enforcement sounds like the voice of a man in his 40-50’s, in my opinion.

        And there is nothing obvious about his style of dress, from what I can ascertain from the photo released by law enforcement, that makes me think it’s a young man.

        1. I mean to say I do not believe the man in the photo released by law enforcement is a younger man.

          I would say that he would be 40+

    3. The man is wearing what you would call “Dad jeans”, so I think he is at least 40 to 50 years of age. Dad jeans are a dated style from the 1990’s.

      1. Lori:

        I also noted in one of my posts here that I felt the dress style of the suspect does not indicate a younger offender, though not foolproof.

        I say 40+, perhaps 50+

  12. First off, my deepest condolences to the family & friends. I live only 20 minutes from Delphi & I have a 15 yr old daughter myself. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, I truly am, but this would be one exception I would make to carry out an execution if the culprit/culprits are found guilt. It appears the comment earlier made about someone possibly seeing another individual standing far back in the picture quite a ways down is a very good assessment. I have viewed numerous videos at different angles & different times of the year & those images are not on any of them. There are 2 different pictures that are out there of the suspect, so for you to understand & see what I’m talking about, you will need to have them both pulled up side by side. First off, his jacket appears to be a windbreaker due to the shine of it & it looks like it has snaps on it for the way it has shifted at the bottom from each photo. His hair is a lighter brown color, & it’s more than likely all one length, maybe 1-1 1/2″. That’s what my ex’s hair used to look like exactly before I would trim his. Looks like he’s wearing some sort of work boots. In one of the photos with the suspect, you can see a branch leaning that stands out, that photo was the first one taken, because the railroad tie by the tree is larger, he’s walking away from it. Also, with the videos that I have watched, it appears the girls were walking towards him. My guess is he was hiding & waiting on them to cross, but I don’t think he was alone. But what I found VERY interesting, look at the photo Liberty took of Abigail, look at the way the left side of her jacket is with her hand in it. Now, look at the photo of the suspect that does not have the branches on the far left of the photo, it looks identical to the same way Abigail had her hand in her pocket in the other photo. JMO

  13. Hi Dawn, thanks for posting. I agree with you, this guy if he’s identified should be fast tracked to death row, and thankfully, they have it in Indiana!

  14. Perhaps someone in Carroll County Indiana can use the sheriff’s database to peruse the list of registered sex offender’s who live in the area.

    1. Law enforcement is undoubtedly on this. Unfortunately, members of the public have tried to implicate several people who have been (at least publicly) cleared.

  15. There are now 6000 electronic billboards across 46 states showing the perp’s pic, and the Delphi PD and IN State Police phone numbers. I have been an avid true crime buff since Laci Peterson’s disappearance 14 years ago, and have never heard of such a huge undertaking all across the US. Hope they catch him soon, before he does it again!!

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for reading and commenting. I agree, this is a massive public campaign being undertaken. This Guy must be feeling the pressure.

    2. Yes. For various reasons I won’t get into here, not every missing/murdered child has received this level of national and perhaps even international attention.

      Some victims have been short-changed in that regard.

      I’m thankful there are bloggers like this gentleman here and web site forums nowadays where people can discuss and bring further attention to these crimes.

      1. Thanks Jay.

        I feel this case is getting the attention it has, because these Girls did everything right. They went out as a team rather than alone(safety in numbers), they took a cell phone, their Parents knew where they were, they weren’t doing anything bad or shady that could get them in trouble I think People have just said, ‘enough if enough’. When two girls can’t go for a walk without monsters like this guy jumping out and attacking them,where will it end?

        1. Exactly. If you can’t find peace and safety while enjoying the outdoors in small town USA, where can it be found anymore?

          One thing I’ve been meaning to mention; as a trail walker myself, I can say that it tends to be the same ten people over and over that I consistently see walking the trail I walk at. It seems to be a select group.

          I imagine it’s similar regarding the trail these two girls were on. Like the trail I walk, the trail the girls used was near a creek.

          There’s a select group of people that tend to fish along the river of the trail I frequent.

          I’d wager it’s similar along the creek where the girls were found.

          Obviously , law enforcement has already been attempting to ascertain who frequents the area.

          1. Interesting idea. If this Guy was a regular out there, I bet he hasn’t been out there since the murders and that will look odd

          2. Jay, do you think the murderer might work with DNR or some similar organization? As you say, one might disregard those who are working/have worked in the area, with the land itself? What about cemetery preservation? Love to hear your thoughts.

          1. Mostly, but they gave up their location on Snapchat around 2pm to anyone from the area who knows that bridge.

  16. There’s lots of info on FB right now under Justice for Libby and Abbie. Someone was actually picked up for questioning, got his DNA yesterday and released. It’s getting kind of wild on that page.
    If I neglected to answer some of your replies to me, it’s just that there is so much I’ve been following over there on FB concerning this case. You seem like a more sedate sort of group here but kindly. 🙂

  17. By the book this guy made a lot of mistakes. He committed the act in the middle of the day on what is described as a popular walking trail and like my home state this time of the year, did so when there is no vegetative cover. He didn’t think to frisk the victims for such things as a cell phone and apparently may have slipped up on DNA . I watch a lot of Forensic Files and you would think a person can’t get away with stealing a cookie from a jar these days. I did read a post elsewhere where what happened to these girls is quite common but doesn’t make the news. One area is supposedly along the Maryland border where people come up missing all the time?

      1. If he touched the phone, they could get ‘touch’ DNA from it,but I think DNA from a body fluid would be better and easier. There’s no guarantee that he even touched the phone, or knew they had it

        1. Geez – without my glasses I am a mess! Sorry for such horrible typos! Hey mike – great videos! It helps so much to see everything, what I wonder is if he came the way u showed how would he be behind them in her still shot on the trusses?

  18. Have they ever given a time stamp for photo/video of the man from her phone? If Abby’s pic was 2:07, just curious to know what time she took the video of the suspect.

    1. Someone was to pick the girls up at a designated time on the same day, and let’s assume it was before dark. That timeline snapshot should be enough to satisfy curiosity. I’m not sure why the authorities are being so reluctant to release more details of the crime? The DNA evidence claim by the police suggests there may have been sexual contact, and one spokesman admitted there was additional evidence on the cell telephone which was “germane” to the investigation. If they are going to beg for the public’s help, then maybe lay all of the evidence on the table?

      1. Mike, I notice you are clearing posts tonight rather quickly, thanks. It keeps the conversation flowing. Many times crimes like these go unsolved without confession, which sheds light on forensic and investigative skills. Seems like a Hail Mary at this point to put up flashing road signs asking for help? My example is Skylar Neese who was murdered by close friends and her body simply pushed under a log adjacent to the side of a moderately traveled road in Greene County, Pennsylvania. She was found only when one of the kids confessed.

        1. @CG I am trying to get the comments approved asap. There is some speculation that this case may be linked to others

      2. Hi. I might agree with you but I bet there is the gruesome scene or parts of it on her phone and they don’t want the public panicking in fear and getting ill from viewing. Idk

        1. Your thoughts make a lot of sense, very good actually. I’ve asked for a prayer vigil for them to find the right person asap if possible. Prayers can do mighty things often.

      3. I understand the need to hold things back for investigative purposes, but some things need to be released. The other stuff on the phone may be too graphic to release

        1. Mike, why can’t photo forensics people (with all the access to high-tech gadgets) size up the subjects personal data such as height perhaps weight if possible? They can do these things through mathematical configurations and they could have something for sure that could be added so the public could know at least theses things. Height and weight can rule out a number of suspects.
          When surgeons put implants in my hip and knee, they measured everything down to the ninth degree through computer-aided measuring.

          1. I’m no expert,I don’t know. My basic understanding is, when you blow up a photo or video image, it pixelates and blurs. As far as height and weight, in the image we have been shown, he’s walking on an open track not super close to the girls, so perhaps they have nothing to compare his height/weight against in the background to estimate.

      4. Authorities don’t release all the details for a few reasons I suppose, but one reason is they need to be able to weed out false confessions, which inevitably happen with high profile cases.

        If someone falsely confesses, they won’t be able to confirm details that the real killer would know.

        1. Oftentimes a subject will slip up (not even realizing it!) and say something about the crime that no one except law enforcement and the killer knows.

      5. As for potential DNA evidence, this wouldn’t necessarily imply sexual contact occurred.

        It simply could be saliva from a soda can or cigarette, perhaps.

        Or blood from the perpetrator, etc.

          1. Ive read on several posts their fingernails were gone. Could most certainly be rumor. But it went along with other horrific details that have been dropped here and there.

          1. Chris, the person your question was pointed at, was claiming to have inside info and have certain credentials which many people, myself included, feel is false. As a result, further posts by him won’t be published. You are right, there’s no verified information that’s been released by police

          2. I agree. I have read alot of Robert Lindsay’s “theories” and find him to be someone who wants to make a name for himself and has very few facts. It’s sad. I personally believe this was related to drugs. Others on websleuths have wondered if these poor kids saw something they weren’t supposed to. If that is the case I doubt the murderer(s) will ever be found.

          3. Hi everyone, I have recently read RL’s theories and they are very quite detailed and extremely disturbing. He does issue a disclaimer that they are not concrete facts but rather info gathered from a variety of sources he considers valid. The most suspicious thing about him is that if you comment, he thanks you and asks for donations to keep his blog going. Who does that ?

          1. Leslie, I believe that your question was directed to Mr. Lindsey. For various reasons, I will no longer publish his comments here, and take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

  19. I just want to say thanks to everybody here that took the time to read this article and make some really thought provoking comments, I appreciate you stopping by my blog. It’s nice to see that so many people care about what happened to these young girls, and I hope we have answers soon! I will keep updating as updates are available.
    Please be sure to check out some of the other posts on my blog as there are some other unsolved cases I have posted about in which Families need justice for their loved ones. You may find some of these cases interesting as well.

    1. One thing I wanted to ask you Mike. When you went on the trail and pointed out how slippery it was, were the conditions the same as they were the day the girls were out there ? It seemed that the day they were out was dry and crisp

  20. Where is this nut at? As far as not releasing anymore video … I guess it must be extremly graphic or they would release it. I’m so upset over these girls being murdered. I hope this guy is guy is cold ,hungry and suffering somewhere!

    1. Angela, that’s the million dollar question. Where is this scum bag at? When or if he is identified, will he be the monster with a sinister background that everybody suspected, or will he be the nice Family guy who People never could have imagined would do something like this?

      1. Like Dennis Rader – BTK. He was a husband, father, family man, Boy Scout Leader, gainfully employed and an active member of his church. So scary to think, but too scary not to.

  21. To the People that are sending me names of possible suspects and are suspicious of certain People, I appreciate your ideas and theories, but I do not want to post any accusations that mention specific people,I hope you all understand that.

  22. I just wanted to Thank you for the well thought out,and honest manner you are approaching this case with.You are confirming what has been put out there by Law enforcement,as well as graciously listening to the ideas from the public.without confusing who said what or bickering over opinions.This will help a lot of your readers to sift through the facts. thank you!

    1. Thanks so much Denise. I am trying to keep a nice level & updated account of what’s happening and hope one update soon will be an arrest!

  23. My thoughts are, he was on the way to meet the girls as a “friend” on social media, where he may have told them he was their age.
    When the girls saw him approaching, they knew it wasn’t who he said he was. So she took the photo.
    My thought of him is he is a loner, in his late 40’s to 50’s. Might be a hunter, with his camo hat or hoodie on. He looks to have a straght edge object on his pocket. On the blue jacket there is a logo over on his right side chest area.
    I feel he has facial hair/ mustash. His nose looks long and slender. Very oval shaped face.
    I pray that someone notices him and justice will be served.

    1. Thanks for reading Joni. I also feel he may have pretended to be a boy their age,etc and found out they would be out there

      1. Hi Mike, I just came across your blog and I’m getting caught up. I had spent too much time reading the “facts” on RL’s site and I’m glad to see that nothing here is confirmed if it hasn’t been released by police, and we are brainstorming possible directions of investigation.

        This idea that he found them on social media somehow is very intriguing. Of course we’d assume that police have already looked at all of the girls’ friends on social media, looking for a middle aged man. But I’m inclined to think he could be a relative of one of their peer-aged friends. Maybe a girl their age whose father or stepfather monitors the child’s FB page? This male might have never even had his own social media accounts. Maybe he saw a post on Snapchat and was familiar with the trail and saw an opportunity.

        I have no idea how many “friends” the girls had on their combined social media accounts, but it could be hundreds. I think it’s a wise approach for police though. Also I’d think that with a relatively small population of 3,000-ish, police could literally look at every driver’s license photo for males with Delphi addresses and make note of someone who matches the general description. They could, over time, expand that to other towns and counties as much as time allows them to.

      1. If you look very, very, very closely, you will see why he has a ‘big’ nose.

        I am one–maybe the only one–who believes that there could very well be two or more suspects on that bridge. Part of his ‘big’ nose just might be a handgun pointed at Libby and/or Abby.

  24. He looks to be wearing a navy jacket, and brown bucket hat and fannie pouch. I think it’s two men who’ve committed this terrible crime. What law enforcement has stressed is that the audio clip we heard “may” not be from the man in the photo. I think that’s a clue they know it’s not. I believe they gave us the image they have, and there’s much more audio–and they gave us the audio clip of the other.
    I’m not sure whether he apprehended the girls on the bridge or, because it was so treacherous, began following them with a gun, and then the second guy was waiting for them at the other side, instructing them “down the hill.”
    I don’t think the girls knew him well enough, or I think his name would be on the audio. I think they had either seen him lurking or watching them before, or saw a weapon.
    I do think there’s a chance it’s linked to the Iowa case.
    I’m not sure how they were killed, but I’m thinking there were specific details law enforcement feels are so unique, that they must be protected to maintain integrity of evidence.
    I think the girls are heros to gather all this evidence. I have a feeling they tried everything they could think of to support one another to survive, but that it all happened so fast.
    I think the men were in it together and hope we get them both.

    1. So many possibilities. The Police could have all kinds of clues we don’t know about. It’s odd that they are being so tight lipped about the way they were murdered,and about other details. The lack of details released is definitely like the Iowa case for sure

      1. Being from the town in Iowa where Lyric and Elizabeth were from and were murdered, honestly they have released very little about the case. They didn’t even release cause of death other than homicide at Elizabeth’s parent’s request. They didn’t wish to know, which I totally understand.

        1. Yeah,it’s odd about the lack of details released on both cases. Are there a bunch of theories in Lyric’s & Elizabeth’s case?

          1. One thing I can tell you is that FBI thinks Liz and Lyric and the Delphi might be linked and they are looking into that now. That’s what the FBI woman I talked to said. They think this guy might be a serial.

      2. very true Mike-and i get the distinct impression they are waiting for some other tests and results before they make an arrest-but it just feels like they are close to something-someone-reason they are being SO tight-;ipped-more than usual with a double murder case-likely i think also-becasue who they have possibly under surveillance-is a local..
        social media is a good thing-but also can be a bad thing if the killer/suspect is geared to be on there also-checking out all that’s being said at various FB page news sites!

        1. There are a bunch of theories floating around on Facebook & everyplace else. I wonder which one will turn out to be right

        2. I’m not sure if they have a POI at all, and I am rather close to LE on this case. That’s the impression I am getting. I could be wrong.

          This case strikes me as a long ways from getting solved.

          1. I’m afraid you’re right and that this will go cold. I hope I’m wrong, but with the unprecedented media and social media coverage, of this guy hasn’t been identified by now he may not be

          2. Mr. Lindsay, we have all been looking at these pictures for several months now.

            Here is one for you to put in your theories…..

            In the photo of Abby on the bridge, why has not anyone/anywhere commented on the image that is directly to the left of the spike protruding on the bridge. It is right in front of our eyes.

            I remember reading, I believe one of your comments, and you can correct me if I am wrong. However, it was something along the lines that there were no cars in the area of that bridge. Those of us that thought that were just assholes… or something along that line. Again, if it wasn’t you I apologize.


      3. Most people close to the case know full well how they were killed. This information was available right after the bodies were found, even 1.5 hours before the media released the story. It’s not really a secret anymore.

        1. If it’s not secret, how come none of us know causes of death? I’m part of a 17,000 person Facebook group focusing on this case, and none of us know. So when you say that you’re ‘close to the investigation’, what does that mean exactly? You have info that everybody else doesn’t?

          1. What do you want to know?

            I know people close to LE and the search party. It’s not so much that I know stuff you guys don’t know, but more that lots of us do. A lot of us close the case have heard a lot of stuff.

            There have been rumors flying around about cause of death and other things from the very start. A lot of them were crap, but some became well established and furthermore, they are supported by other publicly available evidence.

            I am working with detectives on the case, but so are lots of people. We sleuth out POI’s, build cases against them, etc. I just finished a 14 page paper on a POI for a detective. But honestly, they don’t tell me a thing. I hate to blogwhore, but there is a post on my site that lists a lot of the better established rumors about the case. My site’s not monetized anyway, so it’s not really blogwhoring anyway.

            Cause of death
            Sexual assault?
            Fight put up?
            Clothed or not?
            Moved and returned to site?
            Dates of death? Yep, two dates
            Things Unsub was wearing
            State of bodies at funeral
            Age of Unsub
            Height and weight of Unsub
            Weapons of Unsub
            Disguise of Unsub
            Clothing and accessories of Unsub
            One killer or two?
            Unsub out of state or not?
            Unsub right-handed or lefthanded?
            Why Unsub so heavily clothed?
            Crime planned or not?
            Type of killer Unsub is
            Other possible suspects besides Unsub
            Time of death for each girl
            How Unsub arrived at site

            All that is pretty well known by lots of people. They are withholding this stuff, but a lot of people know it anyway. I’m sure there’s a ton we don’t know though.

        2. Do you have any verified credentials for who you are?? The stuff you are posting about is much of the same stuff many of us on the net in various message boards,groups,etc have already been asking about or mentioning. What’s the cause of death?

          1. I did notice that one girl’s obit states she died on 2/13 and the other states death date as 2/14. I found that interesting.

          2. Ask Robert why there are no shadows of the bridge guy on that bridge. There are shadows everywhere on his clothing, but not one of him on the bridge. See if he can explain that. Maybe one of his LE sources told him how that magically happened.

            Ask Robert why there appears that the suspect on the bridge has more than two feet. Maybe one of his LE sources have explained that to him.

            Ask Robert why there APPEARS to be two hand guns pointed towards the girls. Ask Robert why there MIGHT be a rifle slung across the front of the suspect. Ask him, if that dark spot on the left shoulder of the suspect is the front sight of a rifle.

            That could explain why there are now shadows of the suspect(s) on the bridge. BTW, ask Robert why the FBI never released the profile they supposedly were working on in March 8 news accounts of the case. Could it be, they would have to acknowledge two–or as I think–more suspects.

          3. Lindsay–your site is fully monetized, so it’s wholly “blogwhoring” as you say. Your justification that enemies wouldn’t pay an extra five dollars but a true believer would is an obvious way to milk even more from people who have ALREADY PAID YOU. An enemy is actually a lot more likely to pay the five dollars just to try to make your head explode. Very thin skin for a pseudo-bounty-hunter.

    2. Agree with most you said Sarah-there just may be Liberty even saying something like..”Isn’t and so? and she snapped his photo. I agree that this was planned-by two men..and truly feel they somehow knew or even followed car to where the girls were dropped off-and waited a few minutes to get into position-i really ting it’s someone who lives very near that hiking bridge trail and may have watched a LOT of women/girls hiking that area-and-sex offenders-predators–and saw an opening when they saw the girls were dropped off and alone!
      I looked at one photo in particular on the Delphi Sex offenders list-number 13 really looks similar to the suspect and number 11 and 13 live at the same adress.a d..number 13-lives within 9 miles of this hiking area and works within a minutes drive and short walk, of the area where girls were! A good way to be around there and hang out without looking suspicious. 13 is a violent sex offender.

    1. there was also a young girl who vanished about 5 days after the murder of Abigal and Liberty-in Hammond, Indiana..she left a shopping center and literally vanished.

    2. A family member of this woman stated on Facebook that they think she was chasing a dog. She is a member of some kind of animal rescue or something like that. They said she most likely fell in the water chasing this dog and succumed to the cold water and drowned.

    3. This was considered an accidental death. Slipped and fell into quick moving water trying to catch a loose dog. She was caught on surveillance cameras chasing the dog. The dog was also found. She was a known animal rescuer.

  25. To everybody who has taken the time to read this article and comment on it, thank you! I ask you to please, share this article on your social media accounts. The more people that have this info, the better. They can see the photo and hear the audio right here in one spot.
    I am going to be producing my own True Crime podcast. I’ve never done a podcast before, so it’s a learning process. I’m definitely going to cover Abby’s & Libby’s case first!!! My hope is, that by the time I produce the show, their killer has been caught. I fear that this case may go cold. I am asking everybody here and to all readers of this article, what do you want to hear me discuss on the podcast? What specific things need to be looked at and brought up? What isn’t being talked about enough?Please let me know and I will drop you all a post to let you know when the podcast is kicking off. In the meantime, I am looking for a co-host to do the podcast with,maybe on a permanent basis,covering all kinds of true crime cases, preferably somebody with some podcast experience, so if any of you know of some possible candidates, please let me know,thanks

  26. Mike,

    Excellent job on this. I like how you’re not running down the trail of speculation and rumors. Very nicely done.

    As for my thoughts (if anyone cares), I think the perp is wearing a bucket hat with a neck cape or a hoodie with over the ear headphones around his neck. The bulge on his right hip side is a knife sheath and the white you see is not his hand but the handle of a longer hunting knife. I believe he also may have a gun in his right pocket or holstered under his jacket on the right.

    I think he is a stranger that somehow acted like an acquaintance, either threw luck or some type of past connection. I think he lived or stayed in the area for a number of years but is by no means local anymore, as in he travels for a living, or for life (transient). I think it’s going to be very difficult to locate him and the case may go cold, unless the right person comes forward and says “that guy looks familiar!”.

    My Opinion Only

    Keep up the great work!

    Damu Rida

  27. RE: Mr Lindsay’s comments. I can’t speak for Mr Lindsay, I don’t know what his credentials are. He has supplied some details that he claims are relating to the cause of death. He pretty much states how they were killed. I will not share what he shared with me,if the Police wanted that info made public, it would have been made public,and I don’t want to be an aide in hurting their case and catching this monster.

    1. Mr. Lindsay mentions in his 3/5 post about them being taken from the scene and brought back is interesting.
      I have wondered how their bodies wouldn’t have been found that first night since it was said they were only 1/2 mile from the bridge area. Seems that the search would have covered that area within that first night. Should be interesting when it all comes out. I hope he is correct about an arrest within a week.

      1. Chris, it will be interesting to see what’s what when the case is solved,which I hope it is. Please share this article on social media so we can spread Abby’s and Libby’s story to a larger audience

    2. Isn’t he the one who fancies himself a psychic? Seems a bit…odd. No one connected to the case would be posting about it in such a braggart way.

      Tried to follow this case on Websleuths re are too many crazy people who imagine they’re smarter than the Indiana State Police & FBI. I also want to throw the iPad with the overusage of MOO, IMO, JMO, even when they’re stating a fact about themselves. Timeouts if Gestapo mods?! No thanks. The conspiracies & acting like these police officers don’t have enough sense to check the most basic of information. Too much crime TV?

      1. Hi I.O. your opinion is shared by others no doubt. This case has brought out lots of interested people, good and bad-mostly good I hope. I think when police don’t release much info, the speculation is a bit stronger.

      1. Just a little food for thought about Lindsay. My husband is a LEO Detective and very connected to higher ups. All our friends are in Law Enforcement. Not one has inside information. If one does they aren’t sharing, yet Mr. Know it all claims to have leaks etc. I agree with Mike and “interested observer”

  28. I have been following this investigation every since it happened. I live 75 miles from Delphi Indiana and grew up about 25 miles from where these 2 young teens were killed. I have imagined about how horrific this was for these girls who were the closest of friends. One probably had to watch as her best friend was murdered first at the same time realizing she would be soon after. I also have to think that LE have much more audio recording than what the public knows. I have thought that this could be someone at least one of the girls had known (family/acquaintances) but then second thought was if they knew him the audio recording would have detected that so maybe they didn’t know him. Also his picture shows he was definitely overdressed for the weather that day. We had been having unusually warm weather for February and you can see how lightweight Abby’s jacket is in her picture on the tracks plus she had it hanging wide open, not buttoned up like it was crisp outside. This makes me think he came to this area prepared and ready, hiding his evil tools he was planning to use to commit this horrific crime! Did he already know this was a day these young girls’ school was going to be out? If so then it wouldn’t have been just a chance encounter. My prayers are for the families of these sweet girls and I hope this monster is apprehended and justice is served swiftly!

    1. Exactly…he knew it was a half-day of school, and came prepared with his evil kit. I don’t think he lives there, but knows the area/has researched it. He lives within 2 to 4 hours, just my opinion. I think he did what he did, then got out of there. Maybe had to drive back. I think Abigail happened to hang on through the night, God bless her. I don’t know that he targeted them specifically, but was there just waiting. A crime of opportunity. I am haunted by Liberty’s photo/video recording. She is most likely on her families phone plan, so her recordings would be uploaded to “the cloud” on their shared family plan. I can only pray that her parents didn’t discover it. I think the pervert knows he’s being recorded, which is why his head is down. His second step shows him leaning/turning toward them. As soon as he subdued them, I think he got the phone. It wouldn’t be hard for a man with a murder kit in a very isolated situation, to subdue & control 2 scared little girls. He doesn’t look like a hobo or camper. I pray they catch this monster before he does it again. Someone knows who this guy is.

  29. Just wondering if anyone actually checked in to the bank robber thy appear to be the same man I cut upload the photo but it’s the closest I’ve seen yet

  30. Mike, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s press conference and hoping they announce that they are closing in on a suspect or suspects. Also hope that you’ll post an update of your thoughts following information received at said briefing. It’s so great of you to have this forum. It’s so horrific to even begin to think about what those girls went through. How the families can even face each day boggles the mind. Bless them all and their angels.

  31. Well, that briefing was so heartbreaking. And I’m so bothered reading tweets that say “I think it’s the grandfather”. Hasn’t the family been through enough? Seeing as it’s been 3 weeks, they have video and DNA, I have to believe he has been ruled out. Does anyone know what lead them to do that very early search of a home? Or what the “crucial piece of evidence linked directly to the killer” might be?

    1. I agree, it’s sad for a Family to have to go thru this. I will NOT post any comments that insinuate that any of the family members of either of these 2 girls was in any way involved in the murders, I hope everybody respects that. If something later on merits bringing that up then so be it. Standard police procedure is to start with those closest to a murder victim(s)and then work their way outwards from there. This would have included looking at, and ruling out those closest to these 2 girls. Some people have stated that Liberty’s Grandfather looked emotionless,so for that reason, he seemed suspicious. Everybody shows emotions differently. Some people cry non-stop,some are extremely stoic, and you will never see them cry no matter what. That doesn’t make somebody guilty of anything

  32. I’ve never believed a close family member was responsible.

    When close family do kill their children, which unfortunately and inconceivably does happen, they don’t also kill another family’s child and the don’t tend to do it outside of the home, it seems.

    And law enforcement can usually tell its family buy the way the bodies are found and the manner of death.

    I trust law enforcement, between the police and FBI, have a pretty good idea of the type of killer in this case, and I heard a report that the FBI will soon release a criminal profile of the killer.

    I hope the report was accurate, because a profile can shed light on the type of person to be on the lookout for.

  33. The police just detained the property owner named Ron Logan (on a DUI probi violation). The media interviewed him prior to this, and he was wearing a camo ballcap with an indentation toward the top of the hat just like what is in the photo. He also seems to like blue jackets, with a hoodie underneath. He says the words “down to” incidentally in the interview, that sound a whole lot like “down the hill”. At first I thought that the guy in the photo was younger, but he dresses older and seems to have a gut. I can’t tell if the guy has a white mustache in the photo, but on close inspection, he may. Anyway, it’s nice to have someone to investigate at least.

    1. Thanks Steve. The detaining of Mr. Logan, as you pointed out, is not related to the murders at least not on the surface. As the land owner, it makes sense he would be ruled out properly, and I hope they can do that quickly. One thing is likely, which is that Liberty’s phone recorded much more audio, so police have more audio to go by then we do

  34. With the trail nearby and a geocache location at that bridge, I wonder how many people have wandered (intentional or not) onto Mr. Logan’s property in recent years. I did read on another forum that he called the police to report a trespasser in 2014. I agree with Steve there are commonalities with Mr. Logan and the picture/audio profile.

    1. Logan is terrified of heights and would not be on that bridge for any reason. Of the 50+ years he has owned and lived on that property, no one has accused him of being a creepy/weird old man. I think we would have heard something by now if Logan was into anything inappropriate.

      I would like to know more about these “scruffy looking men” people have seen on the trails in recent years and what they were doing in the woods. A father of a young girl was interviewed by the media early on in this case and mentioned his daughter having seen these men back there at times.

      1. Just out of curiosity, why would there be a connection between “scruffy looking men” and a killer/s?

        It’s woods and a trail. Keep in mind not many people dress up to go to the woods and trails.

  35. RL certainly fits general description of the man on video. What I don’t get is, knowing LE has further video and audio, you’d think they could’ve been sure it was him. Maybe they feel he had an accomplice and are hoping to find who assisted him before making a statement. Hoping for a new press conference on how the search of his property turned out.

  36. RL was released from jail today, so it mustn’t be him guilty of this crime. I imagine the police are back to square one after finding no evidence during the search of his home and surrounding property. I hope RL is able to rejoin the community he grew up in and live his life without being associated with this heinous crime.

    1. Thanks for the update. If he is innocent and has no link to the crime, it’s a shame that his name will likely always be associated with this case

  37. Can’t believe they are keeping that area open to public. This guy killed 2 young girls which means he either was extremely confident (if he was waiting and saw them dropped off) or very bold and desperate to commit the crime. He gambled they wouldn’t scream or run in opposite directions. A very risky crime. And it looks planned (it looks like he had implements for attack on him (gun, rope or something in pouch or both)), like he saw they were there thru Snapchat post (and if so was very close since it was a short time window from Snapchat post to his arrival — on bridge – same direction or on return?/arrival time to time of their murders) or had staked out area and was waiting. Agree w/other poster he was probably a local, unless staked out area for quite some time previously, or an enemy or stranger since I think they knew they were in danger and he appeared to be following them fast during pics/vid, so she took pics/video, ie. meaning she was scared long enough to consider capturing the pending assault — which she means had presence of mind and was smart enough to defy which gives even more credence to gun theory.) Also, they found her phone, which means she ditched it or it was at scene of crime and this person was crazed, not a seasoned killer or desperate enough to do this somewhere dangerous enough *for him* that he didn’t have time to look for it (if he saw the Snapchat). {Which leads me to wonder why aren’t they saying how? If it was a gun this man’s very, very dangerous.}
    Again, to have them walk that far, almost seems like he had to have a gun for them not to scream and run at some point which means others are very vulnerable to a repeat. (Though it is interesting 2 girls killed similarly in Evansdale, IN and also the girl that was killed about 100 miles from there in South Indiana.) If it is a local, it’s interesting the road that goes past the Transfer Station across the creek terminates right about where the crime was committed. If my bets were on local, it seems someone from there would know that area well. Far flung speculation that, but the clock is ticking and others might very well be in danger w/ a crime that brazen and bold.
    Hikers should never, ever post to the net where they are in real time if they are vulnerable in any way. Never. Parents need to repeat this to kids over and over. I’m not saying this mother didn’t… I’m just saying people need to in general. It’s not something we think about enough.

      1. Thanks Mike. It’s the phone. I can’t get the phone out of my mind. That’s what bothers me the most. If he was pursuing these girls and hot on their tails, how did he *not* see he was being recorded/photographed. I would think he’d be eyeing them pretty closely. That seems like a red flag in some way to me. And why didn’t he retrieve it? Did someone else show up? Could he not make it back to where she threw it down? I would think he knew she had it because the photos do not look obstructed in any way. They look like a straight on frame and like more than one photo was taken (I’ve seen two with different feet positions). If other people were in the immediate area at that time you think they would have seen something unless he went across the stream – and the trailhead is not over there. I would think he would have been looking for that phone pretty hard unless he was interrupted or heard something.
        Last part is this guy looks shorter. He wears his jeans all bunched at the bottom and baggy — a poor fit. Kinda odd. I don’t know if that means anything. Maybe guys are less conscious of fit in general..

        1. In the pics we have seen of the guy, he’s looking down,maybe as not to trip and fall off the bridge. That would be the perfect time for them to record him without him seeing

  38. Mike,

    Have you seen the VOP document? There are some interesting allegations in that about Mr. Logan, specifically part 3c.

    If you have seen it, do you know the source, was it media, attorney, LE, or a leak??


    1. I have seen it. I don’t know the source of it. A lot of people are suspicious of him, or think he’s tied to the case somehow. I’m skeptical. He’s a logical person of interest due to owning property so close, but time will tell where things go with him.

  39. I’m now convinced that the man in the photos has a camo baseball cap on (you can see the brim of the cap on the photo on the right). I also believe that he has a light mustache- look carefully at the more clear photo- I mean stare at it for a while. You can see the outline of a mustache just above the mouth. Sorry, but everything points to this Ron Logan guy for me. He referred to the murders as a “disaster” in an interview. Who would use “disaster” to describe their brutal murders. I would say “horrendous”, or “depraved”, but not a disaster. From the “down the hill” recording, you can tell that it is someone that’s older, and from the area, because of the accent. Younger people grew up on “California English” from watching TV, and don’t have the same colloquialisms. There are coincidences in life, but the camo hat with a dent at the top, blue jacket with a hoodie, jeans with a gut, etc. all point to the most likely person being someone who lived right there, and who would not be afraid that the property owner would come upon them.

    1. So, RL being older, doesn’t use the same colloquialisms?

      I’m not being disrespectful, but that hardly makes him a killer.

      Personally I think he’s too old to have acted alone.

      Could he have some involvement, whether as a partner to a younger man, or peripherally?

      I’d say it’s possible. But is there a precedent for openly depositing two deceased victims directly in your own property?

  40. I downloaded this monsters picture I have looked at it in black and white ,sepia etc.Unfortunately I think the biggest problem is everybody starts looking at his lower body. Try to just zoom in on his face I see a man that looks 48 to 55 years old I also noticed nobody has said they thought he had on what looks to me to be a skin type hat like a baby coyote or deer with eyes.I looked it up and they do make hats like that.Maybe that is why liberty took the picture.I also think this evil man lives close I think he stalked them through Facebook etc.I definitely don’t think this man is a drifter.Back to his clothes I also think he has some type of head phones on not sure what the white thing is by his neck kinda looks like a weird devil face but also kinda looks like white cord from head set or Bluetooth etc.I think if people really want to solve this case they need to start digging into the parents and kids Facebook friends and then people that are friends of friends. I’m from Kansas never been there but this has touched my heart as I have children of my own.I have searched and I seen two men on Facebook that look like they could be the suspect living right there close to deer creek but I will not post names.Prayers for God to give these families strength and may god help find this EVIL Monster.

    1. Social media undoubtedly is a huge part of young people’s lives nowadays, and in fact for most of us adults to varying degrees.

      The FBI and state/local Indiana police are aware of this, I’m quite confident.

      Electronic footprints are just that.

      Still, I’m praying usable DNA was obtained and is close to being processed if not matched to someone on record.

      I think that’s a huge key to this case.

  41. Steve Curry, Pure conjecture. “Disaster” is a word. It’s meaning is relative to the person using it.
    I’ve heard the property owner speak. Doesn’t sound like him to me.
    Apparently all one needs to posses to be a viable suspect (or in this case THE suspect) is a head, two arms, two legs, and be unlucky enough to live near or at the crime scene.
    Having said all of that, imagine having something like this attached to your name for your entire life and being wholly innocent. Yes, it will likely be with him regardless, but stating matter of fact, “yup, he’s the one” based on pure conjecture makes it a whole lot worse.
    Please pardon me, I just think that people don’t take seriously enough the act of matter of fact accusing someone of such a horrifying crime such as the rape and murders of two innocent young girls.

    1. Thanks John, I agree with much of what you just said. If RL is ‘the guy’, then I think LE will find that out and build a case against him. If he’s not, the accusations,etc, will stay with this man forever.

  42. There was a truck driver arrested in Randolph county for soliciting a 15 year old but was an undercover agent instead, Lance Parsons, he possibly fits the bill.

    Take a look at him when possible.

  43. Keep in mind that I’m not directly accusing anyone of this crime. I’m only saying that police should seriously investigate someone that has so many similarities to the man in the photo. I believe that the murderer will be found, and everyone else will be exonerated. That said, RL admitted that he drove to the dump right after the murders happened (when he wasn’t supposed to drive at all). What was so important that he needed to dispose of things at the dump right then? Is it possible that he got rid of evidence there, thinking that he could return and bury the bodies after he got back (but they were found as he returned). As I said before, coincidences happen, but this should get a serious look.

  44. Similarities of RL and the more clear photo:
    *Camo hat with dent at the top *Liking of blue jackets *Wears hoodie under jacket *Light mustache that extends beyond mouth *Weak (narrow) and protruding chin *Wears older mens jeans *Likes fanny pack-type accessories (wore strap in interview) *Has a gut
    Similarities of RL and audio:
    *”down to” in interview sounds just like “down the hill” in audio
    But yes, coincidences happen…

    1. I hope they have their suspect. In my opinion, our closets match is RL, I agree w/ you Steve Curry. I even noticed the same pin on RL’s hat as in one of the shots of the suspect. Did you all notice the gun inside the Jacket of the Photo Suspect? It’s on his Right side, our left looking at the image, you can clearly make out the gun and harness. I don’t want to blame RL, but isn’t it plausible, after he went to the Garbage Dump, and the Bar he came home drunk saw two girls on his property and in a psychotic alcoholic rage, carried things seriously too far for them trespassing on his land? I sure wish we could speed things along, it seems the only way would to hear the entire audio and footage of the situation. How sad, this is awful to say the least.

  45. I strongly suspect (hope I’m not duplicating already posted thought here) that one of the reasons LE is not releasing any further audio from the one victim’s cell phone is this: it very likely contains continuously recorded sounds through the conclusion of the murders. Surely if the killer was aware of the phone and had detected it recording (or realized that it could), he would have taken it with him as he left the scene.
    I live nowhere near Indiana or the mid-west, and hadn’t heard of this case until today (we don’t have tv and don’t need it).
    Having worked with LE in the past (civil aspects of murder cases) but not in an investigative capacity, the first thing I thought of regarding the limited release of “down the hill” ONLY – very high likelihood the recording continues, and what follows on it is NOT something family or regular people really want to hear. It’s hard for even the most hard-core homicide investigators, believe that.

    1. Thanks for reading and posting. I agree, there is probably disturbing things recorded on the phone which is why they have not released more. I don’t know why they will not release video of the suspect walking?

      1. It is quite possible LE released only 2 frames from a video and a couple of words from audio so that by purpose no person could really identify this POI except that person’s closet relative(s). It is possible LE will release more later on if they don’t get what they intended to get in the first place.

        Doing this 1: puts pressure on those relatives to come forward And 2: If the POI thinks no one can/will iD him, he’s less likely to vanish into a huge population and start fresh somewhere else.

  46. Christie, nice catch on the pin (just below the dent in the camo ballcap). It also appears that the suspect could be wearing prescription glasses from the gleam that appears towards the left of his eyes (his right) on both photos (sun reflecting onto face?). In fact, you can kind of see the outline of glasses on the blurry photo. Also, on the clear photo the suspect appears to have white sideburns (look carefully on his left). And yes, he does appear to be carrying a gun (it’s a perfect outline). Also, RL walks with his right foot pointed outward, like in the blurry photo. All of the above are stretches though, but worth mentioning. Even if RL doesn’t turn out to be the guy, it’s good to recognize what we’re looking at in the photos.

  47. Been thinking a lot about how the killer accomplished this. If he told the girls to get down the hill, he must have had a destination in mind. Did he have a vehicle down the hill? He 0bviously came prepared. How familiar was he with the area? He must have known he cornered the girls after they crossed the bridge.

    Did he come up the hill? I somehow doubt he hiked the entire trail. Did he simply hide in the woods, waiting for victims. Did he know there would be no school that day?

    It’s unusual to kidnap two victims. The Evansdale girls are another example. Connection? Is the killer taunting LE with his ability to take two victims? Both of these kidnappings/murders were along a trail, in small town “It can’t happen here” America. Not near a city, a school, or a playground.

    Doesn’t seem as if he’s local, meaning Delphi or surrounding communities. Midwest local? Someone no one would suspect?

  48. Mike, i live 60 miles away but hadn’t been to Delphi in several years. i visited the bridge and the area of the crime yesterday for the 1st time. it’s a beautiful area…very scenic. many folks have posted the perp was likely local because it was hard to find. so, that’s what i expected. i have no cellphone or other devices….i didn’t even take a map with me. i studied the area from Google maybe 20 minutes the evening before. i drove right there, started from Freedom Bridge, walked the area for 3 hrs, had lunch downtown and then drove around the periphery on roads W 200 and 300 as well as up to the private drive on the S end of the bridge. i never saw a soul and i never was lost or confused for a second. this guy did NOT have to be local at all. if he knew the girls were going to be there, he could have come from a distance of hundreds of mile, just studied like i did beforehand and then got there a few hrs. early and checked things out better. it seems more likely with every passing day he’s not local. if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. good luck.

    1. Douglas, thanks for commenting. It certainly seems like the monster may not be local to Delphi,which makes it scarier. Thanks for sharing your experience of being in that area with those of us who have never been there

      1. it certainly could make him much more difficult to finger. it seems science has not been able to secure an arrest……at least to this point. what i did discover, as a result of the trip and subsequent research, is there are indeed very good suspects that are local that have never been mentioned in any of the media. with that said, i would bet that LE is aware of them. and it has made me hopeful they are just gathering more evidence before an arrest. some folks would say that’s BS, but maybe they’ve got it backwards.

    2. It’s interesting that you were able to google and find the bridge/crime scene w/o difficulty. It’s even more interesting that you never saw anyone, which makes me wonder even more about the murderer. Are we led to believe he planned the killings, came prepared with weapons, dressed for the occasion, yet on a Monday in February in a small town on a trail that doesn’t appear to be much used, hid in the woods, waiting until a victim just might come along?

      I think the girls were lured by the perp who suggested they meet at the bridge. When they saw a man coming at them, I think L knew she had been duped and realizing the seriousness of their isolation and predicament, took the photo/voice.

      As suggested, it would be easy for an out-of-town/out-of-state individual to do this. I can’t comprehend a chance encounter or a why of a local involvement.

      1. I think that scenario is most correct. The girls might have thought they were meeting a boy yet when they saw a man moving quickly then Liberty being older realized they were trapped on the wrong side of the river. Obviously they couldnt run back over the bridge because he could have pushed them to their death. Damn straight the guy knew this set up and had it planned. Looks like rope to me in his jacket. 13 14 year olds are just starting to find little adventures and this unfortunately was their demise.

  49. Someone other than me must notice that there is a very prominent image on the front of the suspect’s jacket/coat/sweater?

    You probably need to enlarge the image and work with it to enhance the image.

    I don’t want to tell you what/who I think it might be. Let’s see if someone else comes up with the same possible image as I have…

    1. wish LE would at least tell us if this were a sexually motivated-possible RSO-crime, or drug related..where the girls came upon something the suspect didn’t want them to see..
      did he come from south end-and pass them, then turn around and follow them-which is why Libby then took a video of him-becasue he seemed to be following/stalking them? Otherwise-why bother to take a video of a guy hiking the bridge behind you-when that’s common-hikers on the trails/bridge.?
      Or-did Libby possibly recognize him-as someone she’d seen there before and acted weird? Or just knew through a friend-faceboook person?
      Whomever it is-he certainly seemed to have done a good job doing the murders and leaving quickly-without being seen. I haven’t even read about a car seen in that area around time girls were there.
      Ron Logan has an iron clad alibi-he was in lafayette, having a beer and pizza at a restaurant there and then going to waste dump site. His son Ryan verified that he wa sin Lafayette arond time of girls murders. In fact, searchers had to wait for him to get home to get permission to search on his property. If any connection to Ron-it might be the suspect/killer was acquainted with Ron and knew he wasn’t home and took the girls on his property-to frame Logan…
      This supect/killer has become a phantom-though i hope and pray not for much longer..

      1. The document detailing Mr. Logan’s probation violations states that he drank beer at Pizza King in Americus “on or about February 27th, 2017.”

  50. As far as a timeline, the girls were dropped off at around 1pm, so the photos were taken around 1:20 pm (short distance across bridge). RL could feasibly have murdered the girls within an hour, making it around 2:30 pm. He would then have four hours to go to the dump and Lafayette and back (I don’t know which first- or maybe he went to the dump before noon). He had dinner, which takes a little time, but it could be done in four hours (he arrived home at 6:30 pm). I’m not saying for sure he did it, but if you study the photos and audio carefully, there are very many similarities to RL. So many, in fact, that I’d find it hard to believe it could be someone else.

    1. What would be RL’s motive? From what I’ve read (no reference right now) RL didn’t even like to cross the bridge. I don’t think LE believe he’s involved – going with that.

  51. “..if you study the photos and audio carefully, there are very many similarities to (insert any one of hundreds of men who share these same “similarities”)… that I find it hard to believe it could be someone else.”

    I’ll just say that I’m sure glad I’m not being accused of a terrible crime and unlucky enough to have people like this guy on the jury.

    1. The photo is very blurry, it’s just hard to gain anything concrete from it, yet people have a lot of theories about it

      1. I have been looking through a lot of photos for events in Delphi and also Plenty of Fish – its a dating site but there are a lot of men on there with lots of photos and some of them look similar to the suspect, just a thought, you can search on POF by zip code and surrounding areas by mileage, just wanted to share in case others are scouring through photos

        1. Hi Britt, definitely a different kind of source to look. I personally don’t think the photo is clear enough to compare accurately

          1. I agree, I just feel like I have to do something, I live on the coast. I just feel so bad for those involved.

  52. In all probability the authorities have much more audio (and video) of this monster pretending to be a human being, and it’s hard for me to imagine that if this is the case, that they couldn’t find a way to match it up to RL (if RL were the monster in question).
    It’s probably just me, but I wouldn’t like to publicly drag someone’s name through the mud unless I knew with near 100% certainty that they were in fact the guilty party.
    I may be mistaken, but wasn’t RL cleared? If he was, why are some people still pointing a finger at him?
    I don’t know everything ok, and I’m not trying to piss anyone off, I’m just like everyone else in that I’m simply calling it like I see it.

  53. Has the FBI pulled all gas station and convenes stores videos on that day I wood pull them on all the
    Major roads in and out of the area
    Second has the FBI pulled all phone
    Calls and numbers from the surrounding cell towers and ran
    A program to see if they had an
    In and out numbers around that time and along the major roads
    In and out around the time of

  54. Has the FBI ran the DNA for an
    Profile of the make up of the killers
    History of his ancestors lots of
    Germans , Duch , moved to that

  55. Hey Mike (and whoever), have you seen this website? Some of the information and “insight” here (while not official) is both very interesting and terrifying.
    I don’t know how accurate everything ultimately is, but it’s chilling nonetheless.

    1. I didn’t include the link you provided as I am pretty sure via multiple sources, that the guy in the link you provided & his inside info is bogus. Thanks for reading and commenting

  56. I guarantee that the cops have the DNA that they need, and are just building a solid case. Hmmm, maybe they’re not in a rush because the perp is already somewhere where he can’t hurt anyone else? The photo on the right is NOT blurry, and plenty can be learned from it if you just study it. The photo on the left is useful as well. The audio is just the icing on the cake (listen to the inside edition comparison of “down the hill”). So, yes, maybe someone stole RL’s camo ballcap with a dent in the top and a pin just below it (with the same dark and light patches), dressed up like him, put on a mustache just like his, has white sideburns like him, has a gut like him, walks with just his right foot pointed outward like him (but not his left… see inside edition video and blurry photo), sounds just like him, but is not him. The DNA evidence will put this to rest.

    1. The photos may be blurry but helpful, but I for one think it’s a mistake not releasing more audio or a piece of video showing the guy walking.

    2. Steve — Enough with the Ron Logan libel. DNA will put it to rest?? Smh…do you not comprehend there has plenty of time for that?? It is not him. He hasn’t been known to ever walk across the bridge. Perhaps if people like you hadn’t been spreading unfounded accusations and calling in fake “tips” perhaps LE could have found the suspect by now. You were wrong…move on.

  57. Has the FBI looked in the creek for
    Bloody clothing if I was the killer
    I would hid any bloody clothing
    In the water under some sand and
    Rocks so it would be hard to find
    As I would not want to be seen with
    Bloody clothing

  58. Could the killer have come in on
    The creek or river as no one saw a car or bike If I was the killer
    It would be a easy way in or out or it
    Could have been a fisher man who
    Just took advantage of a eazy target
    As he wanted them down by the
    Waters edge so he could excape
    With out going up the hill

  59. After 3 months, it’s obvious to me that LE needs more help from the public. The solution is to release more info. Initially, LE stated they would do so.

    So far into the investigation online posts are conjectures, guesses, opinions, speculations, and rumors because there are really no released facts. All of this leads a misinformed public to form wrong opinions and to miss clues and perhaps overlook the killer.

  60. It’s difficult to imagine LE withholding certain things from the public without very good reason.
    The idea that they have more video that would be “THE solution” to solving this case, but either can’t put two and two together, or haven’t considered this “fact” seems a little silly (especially considering that the local PD weren’t the only ones involved in the investigation, this would include the FBI).
    So, it seems one of several things could be going on here;
    one, there isn’t anymore “clear” video that is anymore telling than the still they released (maybe the angle changed right after, or shortly after Liberty starts recording as things progressed and she became afraid i.e. she drops the phone down to her side to hide the fact that she’s started a recording, or she pocketed her phone to hide it while still recording).
    They (LE) could be between a rock and a hard place as well, in that for some reason known only to them, releasing anything more at this point in time could be too compromising.
    Hard to second guess LE when we aren’t privy to just what evidence we’re simply speculating on.
    And Mike sorry about the apparently “bogus” link I tried to share.

    1. There are certain things LE could release w/o compromising anything. For example, height and weight of the person of interest. The height, at least, could be obtained by a comparison to nearby trees. Weight would be a guess. But, this could help the public. What about a profile of the killer(s)?

      And the murder weapon? What are we looking for? I think we have a good idea so why doesn’t LE confirm or deny?

      I really can’t even see commenting on the bridge POI. Anything said is assumptions and opinions.

      1. I have only just heard about this tragedy:( here in the U.K. my thoughts are with the poor girls family. I hope and prey justice will be served x

  61. I was wondering if anyone has read, what is think is preposterous, the blog guy, Robert Lindsay’s latest theory. He says Abby was pregnant and would not agree to an abortion and that relatives of the young father killed her because of it. He then elaborates by saying she was dragged into the infamous barn and an abortion was performed on her, which killed her. Libby was collateral damage. I personally think this guy is whack. First of all, if this ridiculous hypothesis was at all true, would that not mean the BG was a member of the community? Does he think LE has not placed that picture of the man next to the face of every man between the ages of 20 to 70 who live in the community? Or would tons of tips come in from others in this small, close knit community not be pouring in? I think this blogger is in left field, smoking dope or something. Not to mention that the child’s loved ones may be just a bit offended by what he says. He obviously doesn’t care. He just wants to get attention by positing a “creative” (weirdo) theory. I personally don’t like the guy and hope the childrens’ loved ones aren’t too hurt by this nonsense.

    1. I read that bogus rumor. It was one of the most ludicrous, cynical things I’ve ever read.

      Even the blogger who wrote it is disavowing it now, it appears.

  62. terrible case that has gone cold. the picture and voice recording has delivered nothing. this case needs new investigators all around.

    1. It needs something that’s for sure. A new push, more audio or video, something. My fear is that 5 or 10 years from now, police will release something that they have been keeping close to the vest and by then everybody will have forgotten this case, suspects will have moved away,etc

  63. Has anyone looked at the point where the girls were originally stopped by the perp, and then trace where they were taken? It’s a perfect bee-line towards RL’s house. Why would the perp feel comfortable taking them in that direction? Maybe because he knew it was away from all the other houses in the area (use google earth to see an overhead view). I think that the perp might have thought of taking them to an enclosed area at first, and then changed his mind and just murdered them in the woods. To those of you who think that the case has gone cold, or isn’t being pursued as well as it should- that should be a clue that prosecutors aren’t needing your tips anymore. And why wouldn’t prosecutors need your tips anymore?

  64. What about the individual who found the bodies? This person would probably know details. Has this person been silenced by LE, or face charges of interfering with an investigation if specifics are made public?

  65. Steve,

    I hope you are right about investigators/ prosecutors not needing more information.
    These terrible murders happened 4 months ago. I don’t know how this person can live with themself?

    I think we all agree we want this perp in jail for good. sooner the better and before he can do more harm.

  66. I have just been researching this case. Everyone wants more information to be released but as quoted by the investigating officer “Whoever did this is probably the only person who knows some of the details of this case.”. Releasing detailed information would GREATLY hurt police efforts to prove a suspect did these horrible crimes.

  67. Catching someone takes more than leaving out a few details of the crime. Police could help themselves much more by releasing information and putting heat on the suspect, then by following the suspect to watch how he reacts and where he goes. Best case would be, the police call in veteran homicide guys from another larger department.

  68. I believe they have the assistance from larger organizations–FBI, et al. It is certainly frustrating to have so little information, but I think I read there was a case in that area in which police released too much and ultimately undercut the prosecution. If that’s the case, that particular case may have affected this later case, but seemingly for the right reasons.

  69. What (I think) I see in the photo of the person of interest is GREY stubble on the right side of his face. As of this writing the police have someone under investigation. I don’t believe he is the perpetrator..he looks too young to me. Yes, the three photos of the man on the bridge aren’t that clear..but what (I think) I see is someone in their 40’s-50’s…average height 5′ 8″-5′ 10″…with a slender to average build(going only by his legs). As for the upper part of his body..I don’t believe that he has a big belly..I believe it appears that he does because of whatever he has under his jacket. There has been speculation that it could possibly be an ammo vest worn backwards. (I think) I see different shapes in different areas on the front of him-both upper and lower. I would speculate that it is someone who knows that area..that it wasn’t random. One thing that has always seemed strange to me…Libby took two photos (that we know of) of Abby on the bridge & just the bridge..both photos show the length of the it possible that she took them because they had run into the bridge guy earlier & it was her way of checking that the bridge was clear both ways? I have recently read that the photo of Abby & the photo of the bridge only were taken from two different directions. Maybe they had a ‘gut feeling’ about this guy. Lastly, I think he was so well covered up to hopefully be unrecognized..and to hide whatever was under his jacket. All conjecture on my part.

    1. Yes, that is gray stubble. I’m thinking at least 50, unless he is just someone who’s had a very hard life. But, I do think he is very portly. His whole body build seems to match the paunchy stomach and his cheeks look full.

      I do think this case has gone completely cold, unfortunately. Also, I’ve never understood why an FBI profile wasn’t released, as they said they would early on when they came aboard. IMO, this would have been extremely helpful.

  70. I have wondered about that again and again–why no profile? In the beginning, they gave a very basic sketch of the suspect’s behavior post-crime or the catalyst for said crime–was he suddenly affected and distressed? Has he changed his appearance? Is he vaguely obsessed with the case? But that is a far cry from a detailed psychological profile. So, I am quite curious about that omission, too…

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