The Cruel Writer



The Cruel Writer


Over the years, I have spent a lot of time seeking out cases in which a Person, wrote letters to police,or Victim’s family members, taking responsibility for a crime. One thing I’ve learned is, that it’s not very common. Most people do not want to be linked or associated with a crime case, and instead,would want to distance themselves from a crime, not write  a letter taking credit for it. That being said, I did find a few interesting cases in which this did happen, and I found evidence of a single cruel and twisted writer linking to multiple cases in multiple states.

Alicia Bernice Markovich vanished from Blairsville,Pennsylvania on April 26,1987 following an argument with her father.

Since her disappearance followed the argument with her father, investigators initially thought the 15 year old was a run away, but didn’t rule out the possibility she was the victim of foul play. Her case went cold until October,2000 when her father received an anonymous letter from somebody claiming to have killed Alicia. The letter, postmarked in Bedford New Hampshire, and including a return address on the envelope, instructed Alicia’s father to dig for her body along the Conemaugh River outside of Blairsville. Police took this letter seriously and sent detectives to the return address in Bedford to question the person living there. Upon arriving, they found a bewildered resident who knew nothing about the letter and never heard of Blairsville, Pennsylvania or Alicia Markovich.  Police ruled them out as a suspect, and decided the letter was likely a hoax,but still dug along the river where the letter instructed them to,but they found nothing.  Alicia has never been found and remains a missing person today almost 30 years later.

Colleen Orsborn, age 15, vanished from Daytona Beach,Florida on March 19,1984.

Despite searches,nothing was found of her. In February, 2001, Colleen’s brother received an anonymous,unsigned letter,postmarked February 21,2001, in Manchester, New Hampshire. The handwritten letter, filled with spelling errors, provided details and instructions to locate Colleen’s body along the Tomaka River along Route 415 in Daytona. The lead was a dead end and did not lead to Colleen’s Body. In 2007, DNA matched from a body found in 1984 in Orange County, Florida, was confirmed to belong to Colleen. Her body was found, but not her killer, although authorities suspect that she was the Victim of Serial Killer, Christopher Wilder. Wilder was killed in a struggle with Police in Colebrook, New Hampshire in 1984.


Deborah Ann Quimby was a 13 year old Girl in Townsend, Massachusetts who went missing on May 3, 1977 while riding her bike.

The young girl,as well as her bike, have never been found.  In November of 2002, Police received the first of two anonymous letters telling them to look in Walker Pond,close to where she vanished from. Police searched the pond but found nothing. A year to the day after the first letter was received, Police got a second letter urging investigators to “take a closer look”. Police once again searched the pond, and for a second time found no evidence of Deborah in the pond. The two letters had been postmarked in Worcester, Massachusetts and Manchester, New Hampshire, two towns about an hour from each other. But noteworthy was the fact that  Quimby had vanished from Townsend, which was located between the two towns in which these letters were postmarked. The letters didn’t lead to Quimby, and she remains missing today.

Three seemingly unrelated cases, in three different states, with anonymous letters and instructions to search near bodies of water,and all of them postmarked from Manchester,New Hampshire, or close to it. I could see this was not a coincidence.  I reached out to authorities investigating all three of these cases, and they looked into the matter. They finally concluded, that all three of these letters, were likely the work of one single, and cruel letter writer, a hoaxer. I think it takes an especially despicable and disgusting person to reach out to family members of missing persons, and provide false information and hope  to them and the police. What this cruel writer did was deplorable. If there’s a silver lining behind this writer’s actions, it might be that these cases have gained additional attention, and I hope that by writing this post, people will pay attention to these young women, and not to this cruel writer and hoaxer.




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