Mindhunter on Netflix- Binge worthy!


Netflix is no stranger to great true crime related shows; be that documentary style or scripted originals. With it’s newest original show, Mindhunter, they have another hit on their hands. If you’re like me, then you won’t be able to stop watching until you’ve binged the entire thing in a day. It’s really that good. The only drawback to the binge? That empty feeling you have when you realize that it’s over, and you have to wait months for new episodes-or like me, you can re-watch it.

Mindhunter is based on the book by by FBI Profiler extraordinaire, John Douglas. The show takes you along for the ride with¬† FBI agents Ford and Trench(played by Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany) as they try to deal with a new kind of killer in the 1970’s-the serial killer. They enlist the help of Dr. Wendy Carr(played by Anna Torv) to help them understand what they are dealing with. The two agents travel from one dirty and dimly lit prison to another. Along the way, they meet some of the most notorious serial killers ever and sit down with them one by one in an effort to understand what makes each one of them tick, and why they did what they did. Their goal is to understand the minds of these murderers¬† so that they can use their new found knowledge to stop future serial killers by knowing how they think. But what they find is that sometimes, the answers that they are looking for don’t come easy. While most view these serial killers as monsters, Agents Ford and Trench soon discover that these monsters are also human beings, and in some cases alarmingly likable.

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