True Crime TV Show Casting Call


Do you live in a home that was once the scene of a crime? Have you always wanted to do some armchair sleuthing and research the case or the background of the house? Or worse yet, do you think it’s possible that the house you live in may have some residual energy from the crime that is resulting in paranormal activity? If any of the above applies to you, then you may want to pay attention to this true crime casting call.

A television project is being developed, and the goal is to reach out to people via a nationwide casting call that live in ‘stigmatized’ homes- those in which a murder or violent crime has taken place at some point. The objective is to give the residents a platform to investigate and discuss these crimes further. If these homes involve any sort of haunting or paranormal activity, then the hope here is that this show can help provide these residents with some of the answers that they might be looking for.


This is your chance, a chance like none other, to participate in your own true crime television show that may at times blend the worlds of crime and the paranormal. Even if this show may not be a fit for you, then perhaps you know somebody that would be a perfect candidate for a show like this. For details, see the flyer attached to this article or visit the official Facebook page for this production. Be sure to reach out today as this show casting is in full swing.