News on the missing persons case of Tara Grinstead


The case of Tara Grinstead is an example of just why we don’t give up on a cold case. Tara vanished from her Ocilla, GA home in October,2005. Tara’s case was featured on the show 48 Hours. The teacher and former beauty queen’s disappearance has perplexed her community and investigators for over a decade until this week when an arrest was made in her case.

This week, police arrested 33 year old Ryan Alexander Duke, a former student of Tara’s, and charged him with murder. A tip led them to Duke. Details are still emerging, but it’s been reported that Duke, who was never on investigator’s radar before the tip came in, went to Grinstead’s house and robbed her and that she was killed to cover up the crime. Afterwards, her body was disposed of.

It should be pointed out that Duke is presumed innocent until proven guilty but, police apparently feel strong enough about their case to have made the arrest. I will post future updates on this case as they develop.


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