Do you know this man? These clues might help catch the East Area Rapist AKA Golden State Killer


Do you recognize this writing? It likely belongs to the East Area Rapist AKA Golden State Killer, AKA Original Night Stalker.

This man targeted the Rancho Cordova area of Sacramento County in 1976 and 1977. He broke into several homes and committed several rapes and robberies during this period.


Perhaps you recognize him from one of the sketches?


After his 1976 to 1977 Sacramento County attacks, he moved onto other areas in northern California including Concord, Modesto, San Ramon, and San Jose. He then ventured down to southern California where his attacks turned deadly. From 1979 to 1981, he struck in Goleta, Santa Barbara County and committed multiple homicides. During this time, he made stops in Dana Point and Ventura raping and killing.

From 1981 to 1986, he murdered at least two women in Orange County in the city of Irvine.

If you know of a man that lived in all of these areas during these time periods-the Rancho Cordova area of  Sacramento County during the 1976 to 1977 time period, in the Goleta area of Santa Barbara County from 1979 to 1981, and then in Orange County possibly in Irvine from 1981 to 1986, please come forward to provide a tip to investigators or contact me so that I can pass your tip along to investigators.

At the time of the first attack in 1976, he was likely between 17 and 30 years old, which would likely put him between 27 and 40 in 1986. After his 1986 attack in Irvine, he seems to have vanished. While it is not confirmed, there is a distinct possibility that this man may have lived in Visalia, California between 1973 and 1975, and may have been responsible for dozens of home break-ins and burglaries there during that span.

This man was described as having a thin, athletic build and likely of average height between 5ft 8 and 6ft tall. He likely had blue or light colored eyes. He was athletic; running and jumping fences to escape one crime scene, and riding a bike at high speed to escape another scene.

This man talked through clenched teeth at times, and was thought by some victims to possibly have a stutter, which is sometimes accompanied by clenched teeth in an effort to halt the stutter. Additionally, multiple victims described this man as having a very small, or unusually small penis.

He may have worked in a field related to land development, real estate, contracting or construction.

His schedule allowed him to prowl and attack at all hours of the night into the early morning hours which may be a clue to his employment status or type of employment.

There are also recordings of his voice which you can listen to here(be warned they may be disturbing and contain curse words):

Call into Sacramento police-


Calls to some of his victims-

I’m requesting that you share this article via social media in an effort to get this information in front of the one person that may be able to make a difference, the right person that may recognize the writing shown here, one of the sketches, or the audio recordings. Perhaps, they will be suspicious of somebody that they know who lived in Sacramento County during the 1976 to 1977 period, and then later down in the Santa Barbara and Orange County areas.

If you know of a possible suspect, please share your tip or information. There’s no harm in passing somebody’s name in and you can always remain anonymous. At the very least, anybody’s name that you provide as a tip can be properly vetted and ruled out by law enforcement.

At the present time, the FBI is currently offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the identification of this man.

Please provide any tips or information to the FBI by calling 1-800-225-5324 or, if you like, you may contact me with a tip or theory, and I will forward it to the proper authorities.



21 thoughts on “Do you know this man? These clues might help catch the East Area Rapist AKA Golden State Killer”

  1. Where were the letters and maps found? I doubt the east bay rapist left them at a crime scene and if he did, then it was probably a plant to throw the police off. Did they verify the letters by touch DNA?

      1. I’d like to remain anonymous, and I just want to give some info because of My dealings with a man who lives in our neighborhood off and on (since 2010). I had to call the local Sheriff on him because he trespassed on our property, and has now threatened My Life twice! And when I heard the recording of the east bay rapist/golden state killer saying: he is ‘Going to kill again” that sent shivers down My spine because the man I’m referring to yelled at Me: “I’m going to kill You”! The Sheriff gave Me info about a restraining order, but You actually give out a lot of information about Yourself, and criminal’s know this so, I don’t want to do that. The man I’m referring to is short in stature, but he has long, light colored hair, green or blue eye’s, and he goes by the name of Larry. he grows and sells marijuana. Claims he owns and lives on property in many parts of California. But he doesn’t own the house or property where he is living now (April 25, 2017), unless ‘Larry’ is another name he goes by, etc.? My aunt and I looked-up the owner of the property – which is 10310 Mulberry St., Loch Lomond, CA 95461 in Lake County, California, and a man by the name of Trent is listed owns the property since 2010. ‘Larry’ is in his 60’s years of age – I don’t know if it’s early, middle or late sixty’s? But it can fit the time frame You listed. I have more details of My dealings with him, but let Me know if You want or need that > it’s just the details of how I found out the info on him, and I don’t want to type anymore right now! Thank You ~

        1. Hi ‘Anonymous’ (I made this commenter’s name anonymous),thanks for sharing. Worth turning your tip into police. I don’t blame you for staying anonymous.

          1. Hi Mike, Thank You for replying to My message, and keeping Me anonymous. I was wondering if You contact the FBI with information, comments, etc., like Mine? You suggested I call the police regarding this, but in Our part of the County the Sheriff patrols, etc., and it is hard to remain anonymous in Our small town. I wrote down the FBI phone number, but I wanted to go through You first since I first saw this information on Our local scanner page on facebook – They have Your website, and this particular information on this killer/criminal posted. I would like confirmation, from You, if I should contact the FBI or could You first get the process going for Me? Thank You.

      2. Me thinks they’re a red herring. Based on everything I’ve read about him, it sounds like this guy was pretty intelligent and leaving such crucial evidence behind doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but this dude commited at LEAST fifty crimes without much in the way of evidence. This tells me he’s quite seasoned and very cautious (at the time they were “dropped” he had already commited 41 rapes and two murders). What I find interesting is what happened at a Sacramento town meeting where someone made the comment “If he ever comes to my house, I’ll kill him” and then months later, that individual and his wife were attacked. Does anyone know if attendees were required to sign in or anything?

        1. I saw that he had ended up at that very man and womans house. Raped the woman and tied-up the husband! That was mind-blowing and it sent cold shivers through my body when I heard that happened. I also learned that it wasn’t until a couple he had tied up had escaped and was able to get the attention of their neighbor(who was a FBi agent at the time) and he chased after the guy…. but he got away. It changed after that, no more victims would be left alive. I wonder if it were ever any good suspects in this case. It’s not too late to find this guy, especially with DNA. As far as the letter found at the crime scene, seems like an effort to throw the investigation off. This man has some serious hate towards women. The school teacher was a male in the letter and it just doesn’t seem to add up. I actually question if maybe that letter was one he had taken from a victim, possible even a break-in. He was known to take items from his victims, so maybe that was something else he took.

    1. Hi Mike `

      I’m not sure if You got two of My three emails I sent to You? There seemed to be some kind of interference with the last two I sent because one of them wasn’t in My sent box? I just wanted to add that the man I’m referring to does look like an older version of the third person of the three sketches, and has similarity’s of expression of the first person, and he is no taller than 5′ 8″, but I have previous seen him in work boots that had a two inch level ‘high heel’ from toe to heel that made him look taller, and he is thin, but still seems strong. The facebook page I am referring to when I first saw this information regarding Your website is: Lake County Scanner News Fire/EMS/Police – and You need to type it in exactly this way in the search box, and the posting Your website is on is dated April 24, 2017 at 5:49pm, and it’s down a bit far now on the fb page, but You’ll see the date, and then the three sketching’s of the East Bay killer.
      Thank You ~

        1. Hi Mike,

          I sent You another updated email today May 9th, 2017. I know We were both having issues with the email conversation. Let Me know if You received it? and if not, I’ll type My update here later. Thank You, Anonymous by Request

  2. Hi, when I was growing up in Glen Brook, Sacramento, the East Area Rapist was targeting our area. Our house was broken into at the time he was prowling. We were out of town and when we came home nothing had been stolen but the attic access was open and there was mud on the closet bar as if someone had hoisted theselves up into the attic. The bar was also broken. During this time my parents had a real estate agent that they were using. I was prob around 10 at the time but I remember telling my parents when the sketch was shown on the news that it looked just like him. My parents said others said the same. I believe my aunt called him in. Not sure he was ever questioned. I have his name.

    1. If your parents hired a real estate agent, I’m assuming they were selling the house? If that’s the case, is it possible a showing occurred and a potential buyer just wanted to take a look in the attic? When I bought my home, I inspected everything that I possibly could.

  3. Perhaps the man didn’t reside in that area, say in Southern California and was drawn to that specific area for a reason.
    As for the items stolen from the victims: pawn shops.
    Did shop owners require ID during that time period?

    1. Karen, Hi. I think that back then, Pawn shops locally were checked for the items being reported to be stolen, and to my knowledge, most stuff never turned up. I don’t know whether a license was required to pawn stuff. I think it is entirely possible that the man may have traveled to different areas for work, possible construction.

  4. It looks like all of you have missed it? After his illegal & wrong doings EAR/GSM fled that area after 81? The DNA had hit the news & social media? So he skip the area ? Why he came back after 5 years & did a final murder & left more DNA is beyond law enforcement in Ca.! Watch the news clips with D/Sgt Paul Belli? If you know anything about the who what where why whom=HOW then your way off base with your INVESTIGATIVE SENSE? Which means you have no POLICE INSTINCT @ ALL? Keep watching the news clips? They have already posted a older suspect composite of what he looks like in his 64 years of age. Keep smiling California?

    1. I published your comment Tim, but I am not quite sure what your message is, or who it’s directed at. DNA was not known to the killer or police in 1981, so the Killer didn’t stop killing because he was worried that his DNA would be found. When he returned to kill in 1986, DNA was in it’s infancy, and the killer at this time still didn’t know about DNA. The age progressed composite showing what he may look like now is not anything that’s been officially released from investigators in this case.

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