I’m co-hosting Criminology true crime podcast


To my readers, I’d like to invite you to come along on a true crime journey as I co-host a brand new true crime podcast called Criminology. My co-host is Mike Ferguson, who you might know from his current podcast, True Crime All the Time.

We will be covering the Zodiac Killer case extensively in season 1. We are pretty excited, and hope you’ll tune in and help spread the word. I’ll be posting news and updates here as well as links to the podcast itself. We just launched on iTunes as well as Stitcher and Google Play.

In the meantime, here’s a fun trailer for the podcast.

UPDATE: 8/13/17 The first episode of our all new podcast, Criminology, is now available. Download it today, and please be sure to subscribe to us and leave us reviews. To make it easier for you, on the right side of the front page of this blog are subscribe buttons to connect you easily to the podcast.


2 thoughts on “I’m co-hosting Criminology true crime podcast”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I’m really enjoying your podcasts, particularly True Crime Unsolved and Criminology. I just started listening to Criminology as I was excited to see that you were focusing on The Zodiac. So much mystery surrounds this case and while I was listening I had a thought, was Ed Kemper ever considered as a suspect in The Zodiac case? He bears a physical resemblance to the description of the Zodiac and was operating in California at the same time. Ed Kemper was also known to be very intelligent and I don’t doubt his ability in crafting a cypher. Anyway, I’m sure I’m way out to lunch but that I’d share my thoughts.

    1. Thanks, but I think you are referring to my co-host, Mike Ferguson who hosts True Crime All the Time. I’m the ‘Morf’ of Criminology, and this is my blog. But I am glad you like the show, Ed Kemper was definitely NOT the Zodiac

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