The Golden State Killer panel at Crimecon June 2017


Just got back from the Golden State Killer panel at Crimecon in Indianapolis and it was awesome! I have been away for several days prepping for Crimecon and taking part in our presentation about the Golden State Killer.

I was very happy to assist in any way I could to bring attention to this case. A full report is coming soon about my time there and Crimecon itself. In the meantime, I am sharing some photos and memories from this past weekend, along with video of the panel which included, Golden State Killer surviving victim, Jane Carson-Sandler, Debbi Domingo, daughter of murder victim, Cheri Domingo, Michelle Cruz, sister of murder victim, Janelle Cruz, and myself.

We ask that you share this video and information about this case via social media. Stay tuned for a full article coming soon.



2 thoughts on “The Golden State Killer panel at Crimecon June 2017”

  1. I have read everything I could find on this subject since the latest publication of People. The predator looks uncannily like someone I knew. I read that it would be hard to imagine this person perpetuating these crimes. It is, and it isn’t. I would like to know who I may contact about this. It may be a long shot but I still think I should bring it to the proper individuals attention just in case there is relevance.

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