A Break in the Delphi Murders?

Is there a break in the Delphi murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams? Let’s hope so. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Since the double murder of Libby and Abby nearly eight months ago on an isolated trail in Delphi, Indiana, there have been promising leads in the search for their killer. But as each one was followed up on and every rabbit hole explored, it seems as if every promising tip led nowhere.

Investigators in Delphi announced early on that they had audio and video of the man that they think might have been responsible for the murders. But despite an unprecedented nationwide effort to identify the man on the audio and video, their efforts seemed to have proven fruitless. Police also indicated early on that they had possible DNA evidence that they were fast tracking through the lab, but haven’t commented much on that since. Despite on ongoing investigation by countless amateur sleuths on the internet and in several Facebook groups, the coverage of the case has quieted amid fears that the killer might slip away and the case might go cold.

But this week, a compelling development in the case might be at hand. That development came with the arrest of Daniel Nations. Nations, a registered sex offender with a lengthy police record spanning across multiple states, was arrested in Colorado for allegedly threatening several people with a hatchet on a trail near Colorado Springs. A bicyclist was found shot to death on that same Colorado trail only a few weeks ago. Nations was arrested in Colorado while driving a vehicle with expired Indiana plates. Nations was found to have both a hatchet, and .22 caliber rifle in the car at the time of the arrest. Investigators in both Colorado and Indiana are being tight lipped so far, but have admitted that they are looking into Nations to see if he indeed may be the killer that they have been hunting since February of this year.

There are pretty striking similarities between a photo of Nations, and the sketch provided by state police in the Delphi murder case.

But I must caution, Nations is presumed  innocent until proven guilty. He shouldn’t be labeled a murderer until proven guilty in a court of law. Additionally, none of the known addresses for Nations in Indiana seem to be very close to Delphi. Nations appeared to use addresses close to 100 miles from the crime scene. So there’s a lot to do before declaring this case solved. Still, this seems to be the most promising lead to date, and I will bring you updates as they come.

If you want to share your ideas, or comment along with other readers, feel free to do so below. The Delphi murders have been by far the most popular articles on Truecrimeguy.com and have generated hundreds of comments, thoughts, theories, and ideas on the Delphi articles that I’ve published so far. You can always view my older Delphi articles as well. My original article on the case from February 19th, 2o17  was called, Twisted Tracks; The Murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams. My follow up article from March 24th, 2017 The Most Wanted Man in America The Delphi killer. My last article from May 31st, 2017 Update on the Delphi Murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams.


18 thoughts on “A Break in the Delphi Murders?”

  1. If you look at the photo taken of the man on the bridge, you can see it’s an older man. A man easily in his late 40’s or 50’s. The “dad” jeans (older style) jeans would (not) be worn by a much younger man. In my opinion, this (not) the right man because of these details and many more.

    1. Cactus Pete, the photo is grainy and although he looks older one can’t be sure. And as always acknowledged, there may be more than one perp involved.

    2. The news articles stated that he was homeless and living under bridges during the time of the murders so I would assume he would have been wearing whatever he could get for free at the time. Without a clear photo no one can say how old the person is in the photo. Look up his sex offender registry photo in Morgan Co Indiana…. the most recent photo was take 2 months after the crime and I personally think he looks even more like the sketch. I would like to hear from the eyewitnesses who also saw the man in the jacket that day and what is their thoughts on if this is him or not.

    3. I agree Cactus Pete…I believe the man on the bridge is older too. And the eyes..the eyes of the man in the sketch are slightly ‘hooded’ like happens to some people as they age. Late 40’s or 50’s. I have never felt that it was Daniel Nations..I think so many want to believe it is him just to have the person who did these heinous acts. Just my opinion.

      1. Totally. But it seems that skepticism toward this new suspect evokes fury from other observers–people sure do want blood. Understandable, but like, facts are facts. This doesn’t seem right.

      1. Yes he showed up in person…. No scratch marks or injuries? And nobody since then thought he looked like the photo on the bridge? Can the witness who brought about the sketch now identify him?

      2. I had not yet read those details. An excellent match, as suspects go. My only reservation is the MO…doesn’t it seem like the crime committed in Delphi-which seemed more meticulous and less spontaneous. This guy threatened people openly with a hatchet-he sounds too disorganized and insane. That’s the only element that gives me pause.

      3. And Jay, why wouldn’t people notice at his appointment that something was awry? Indeed, one suspects that known sex offenders in the area would’ve been the first place the cops looked, so…what gives? Why would it take this long to begin with when he was on the first list the cops checked? It doesn’t feel right.

  2. What about voice recognition? Also he was living under a bridge in Indiana on July 17th when the sketch was released, but got out of Dodge on the 18th. Circumstantial, but curious.They do not mention this in the news anymore.

  3. The photo on the bridge is not in very good focus. We can’t make a face out but I assume the police sketcher is good at pinpointing features regardless of how good a photo is. As far as clothing and build, Daniel Nations could be out of shape and he doesn’t necessarily fit the bill of someone who cares about fashion. We have no idea how the girls were murdered but I assume that police in Colorado found evidence that tied this man to the Indiana case, so it could have been a hatchet that was used in both cases. If it were a hatchet or a .22 caliber weapon, that would explain the ties that bind the two cases. There should also be forensics. Police wouldn’t waste time if they didn’t have evidence that we can’t see. I believe they’ve got the guy. This guy has an extensive sex offender rap sheet and he was in Indiana on that day. He may have even targeted these girls on social media prior to the murders by pretending he was a teenage boy who wanted to meet up. If you don’t believe this happens watch the dozens of undercover videos on YouTube regarding this. We don’t know what evidence police have. They withhold a lot from the public.

    1. Not much, it would seem as if Daniel Nations has been moved to the back burner as a potential suspect. As I’ve been afraid would happen, if there’s no arrest by now, it’s likely to go cold

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