Corpse Bride; The murder of Jodie Lynn Myers


I think it’s safe to say, that not many of us never know a murder victim. I knew only one, and her name was Jodie Myers. Jodie’s murder wasn’t just a murder. It was a trip into the macabre, and down a dark and disturbing road that started in New Jersey, and ended in West Virginia.

In early 1994, I was at a party in south Jersey. I was 23, and having fun. There were a lot of other young people there having fun as well, and with their whole lives ahead of them. For at least one of the party goers, the life ahead of them wouldn’t be a long one. As I was recently single after a break up, a friend introduced me to a girl named Jodie. She thought that Jodie and I might hit it off, and went on to tell me that Jodie’s boyfriend was a real creep, and that she wanted Jodie to move on from him, and meet new people. Jodie, who was 20, was an attractive blonde with a bubbly personality. We talked for a while, and I was surprised to find out that I was pretty good friend with her cousins. Our talk went well, and we exchanged phone numbers planning on talking again soon. But as happens so many times, plans change and other courses are plotted. We both went our own ways, and never wound up speaking again. By the end of the year, Jodie would be dead; murdered at the hands of her on again/off again fiancé, and the ghastly details of what happened to her would soon emerge shocking our small south Jersey town before making national headlines.

On November 25th,1994, a man was sitting in a bar in Fairmount, West Virginia. The bar was called, ‘The Last Stop’, which would prove to be an all too fitting name. It wasn’t long before the man confided to a barmaid that his dead fiancé was outside in his car. The Barmaid thought he was joking. He wasn’t. Staff at the bar went out into the parking lot and spotted a dead girl, wrapped partially in blankets, seated in his 1994 Chevy Camaro. Police were called, and arrested the man at the bar. He was identified as Forrest D. Fuller age 28 of Pemberton Township, NJ. The dead girl in the car was Jodie Myers, Fuller’s fiancé. When police searched the car, they found Jodie’s wedding dress in the trunk. Police questioned Fuller, and it was at this point that investigators learned the details of Fuller’s grisly plans.


Fuller had beaten and strangled Jodie in his trailer home on the night of November 23rd before stabbing her with a steak knife five times. Fuller then drove to a convenience store where he was employed, and managed to steal about $700 before returning to his trailer, and to Jodie’s lifeless body. In the early morning hours of November 24th, Fuller loaded Jodie’s body into the car along with her wedding dress and headed south before winding up at the Last Stop Bar. Along the way, he made a call to Jodie’s mother and told her that he had killed Jodie but planned to marry her in California. He promised that after the ceremony, he would cut off Jodie’s finger with the wedding ring still on it and send it to her Mom.

The investigation revealed that Fuller had murdered Jodie after she tried to break off the engagement. They also found that Fuller was actually already married and had children, but that his estranged wife had a restraining order against Fuller.

Fuller plead guilty to Jodie’s murder, and was sentenced to 30 years without the possibility of parole. Fuller is due to be released in November of 2024. At the sentencing hearing, a family member of Jodie’s told Fuller “We feel that you should have been put to a painful death” and then later told reporters that Fuller was “A low life scum sucking worm. He needs to be dead”.

The murder of Jodie Myers and the disturbing details surrounding it, seem like the stuff of fiction, perhaps from a bad horror movie. But sadly, it’s a true story. As sensational as the murder was, it was quickly picked up by tabloid papers including the Weekly World News which dubbed Fuller, ‘The Groom of Doom’. Jodie’s murder may have partially inspired the 2016 Lifetime Movie, Nightmare Wedding. In December of 2017, the true crime podcast Color Me Dead did an episode about the twisted murder of Jodie Myers at the hands of Forrest Fuller, and I would encourage readers to have a listen.

Sometimes truth is scarier than fiction, and in this instance, that is definitely true. Jodie was a young girl with her entire life ahead of her before it was snuffed out at the hands of her very disturbed man, and sadly, instead of one day wearing a wedding dress at her own wedding, she’s permanently tied to the one in the trunk of her murderous fiancé’s car and forever known as the Corpse Bride.